Questions for parents

Why Read This Blog?

After reviewing other similar sites about fatherhood and raising kids, I’ve come to the conclusion that I really have to try to entertain you if I want to establish your readership.  This is not a brilliant conclusion, but a realistic one.

Even though my blog is dedicated to dads, I want to extend an invitation to mothers out there who have plenty of wisdom to share with us. Since, mothers have many sites devoted to their work; I thought a Dad site would be best. Hopefully, my readership will extend to more people of interest besides my immediate family and friends.  

I am, by no means, an expert parent.  I don’t think such a thing exists. Not even in the movies. Have you seen one? While I don’t have all the answers, I will share with you my experience as a father with two boys under three. I have a son age 3 (A1) and an eleven month old son (A2). So, our journey together is just beginning. I will be sure to highlight my successes and be able to share my mistakes—and laugh at them.  

Each child is different.  I may have thought that the terrible 2’s were the worst thing in the world at times.  I was shocked to find that on his 3rd Birthday, there was no switch. Tantrums, stubbornness, whining, and crying all remained the same.   I knew this must be one thing….We entered the terrifying threes. I’m holding my breath for the effen fours and fives.

Don’t get me wrong, I have the best kids in the world, but much like Facebook addicts, I will have the luxury to share with you some of the best stories about them and filter out the worst.  The difference is that I will make sure my posts are interesting.  Please tell me when they are not! 

With that said, I’d like to tell you about a trip to FL in October 2010.  This was our first trip back to Florida since our move. 750 miles. One packed minivan. One potty training 2 year old. At approximately 3am, we needed a potty break at a gas station. On our way into the gas station, I strategized about how to best keep A1’s hyper hands away from everything in what I assume will be the nasty, filthy, germ infested prison, which is the gas station bathroom. As we approach the door, a rather large statured tattoo-covered biker dude opened the door for us. As we walked through the door, I politely thanked him.  When we got a few steps away from the man, A1 turned around and shouted to the man, “Say ‘You’re Welcome.’” I was in awe of my sons manners and worried about the man’s reaction until he said not quite condescendingly “Thank you.”   

 New Topic:  Where do you take your kids on a rainy day?

1.      Bookstore. I’ve discovered story time at Barnes & Noble. 

2.      Toy Store.  How often have you been to Toy’s R Us or Walmart? Are you sick of the big establishments that seem to suck all the creativity out of you? Take some time to locate a Mom and Pop or local toy store. These toys can house some interesting and unique toys. They also might offer some unique play experiences for kids. There’s a great toy store nearby in the city of Winterville that features one of a kind toys and they even encourage the kids to play with the toys on display.  Realizing of course not many readers live near me, check out their website for online purchases. 

3.      Library.

4.      Bounce Houses. There are a few different places in the area, but we’ve frequented “Jumpin’ Parties.” This indoor playground offers several bounce houses, slides and plenty to allow the kids to exert their energy which is key to get them to take a nap.  However, I’ve recently found out that they are closing in a few weeks.  So, we will be there several times before they shut down.  There are others in the area that I will have to check out.  It’s very inexpensive, between 5-7$ per hour

5.      The Movies. Check out the free summer movie programs from Regal Theaters and AMCs. They offer free 10 o’clock shows which are perfect for the pre-schoolers in the summer. Plus, with the crazy rates for movies these days, the price is right for a nice morning on a rainy day.

6.      Creative Home Play: Favorite things…..

Any other suggestions? Please share some information…

  •    What are your kids favorite toys?
  •    What Movie became your kids’ first passion?
  •    What TV shows do you find inappropriate / appropriate for your kids?
  •    Has anyone out there used the online grocery store service?

            I will rate the 2 Grocery stores near me (Lowe’s and Harris Teeter) that have the service and report back with my experiences.

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4 Responses to Questions for parents

  1. heather says:

    Hey! Not sure if it’s available in NC, but J and I use Peapod as an online grocery store service. It’s awesome. Selection and quality is good, and in Sconnie winters, they’d carry the bags up our outside stairs to the kitchen.
    We also use for toiletries. They ship free.

    • ncdads says:

      Response to Heather — I looked and found that Peapod is not available. But I will try the local grocery stores as soon as I can. it’s supposed to make things so much easier but I still haven’t made time for it yet. I assume Peapod is not affiliated with any grocery store, there are a few of those around here. One called the “Grocery Getters” I wonder if they drive a station wagon? Their prices seemed expensive, 12$ for anything up to 100$ and 16$ for anything over that. It doesn’t seem worth it and I can’t see how they can make money. I will try them though when I ever get around to the local grocery stores (I’m there every other day, I too can’t beleive I haven’t tried their online service yet as I am on line EVERYDAY!
      Thanks for the comment and information, I look forward to more.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Hey! I’m really that you started this page. It’s good to get a dad’s out look on life with kids. About the whole supermarket delivery thing, although it’s a great idea and is very helpful, just watch when you order like milk and stuff. I have ordered from them a couple of times, I found that the milk I get expires fast and the fruit is not the freshest. If you are only ordering box stuff it seems fine also some places that you order from are very limited in items so you have to be flexible.

    If you have a Pottery Barn for Kids by you they also have reading time and some other things that your child can do. Just go to the web site.

    • ncdads says:

      Response to Kirsten: Thanks so much for the information. The 2 stores by me that do the online service send me e-mails and I can see the limited selection. Great point for perishable items, I (and hopefully my readers) will know that fruits/veggies and possibly meats may not be what you would pick out when you’re able to see it. This is a problem with alot of internet purchases. The convenience does not outweigh a quality product. If you buy a DVD for .01$ on Ebay, expect just that.
      Thanks Kirsten for writing, look forward to any more of your comments/info. I need all the help I can get!

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