Accident happens while watching Cars, toddler needs pull-up.

I apologize.  I was advised that I should write this in Word and ignored the good advice of my better half.  I lost a lot of what I wrote (my excuse for this not being as good as I hoped).

I am currently on Dial-Up for reasons unknown.  We thought we were on Wireless, turns  out, we are on cordless.  Thanks Best Western.  Oh and please Best Western, don’t have the little sign in the bathroom that says don’t waste water and make us clean your clean towels, when the tub is leaking.   

Anyway, the question today is how do we deal with obsession?  My 3-year old son will get dressed in the morning in Cars underwear, Cars pants and particular Cars shirt.  His socks, shoes, both Cars and he will pack his backpack (Cars) with Cars crayons, markers, paper and coloring books.  And oh, how could I forget….Cars cars.  If he falls or cuts himself and needs a band aid, we can cover it up in Cars, too!

            How do we deal with these obsessions? I myself love movies, so much so that I have ignored the Charlie Sheen hype (current U.S. obsession) because I liked him in Hot Shots 1 & 2.   I have heard he’s a jackass and such but I don’t really care.  I find myself getting irritated with the current issues or people that we are obsessed with as many of us do, yet Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber and his hair still make headlines. 

            But I digress, I get on the tangent about the one thing I’m complaining about.  How do I get from Mater to meat dress (See Gaga if you must)?  So like I stated previously, I love movies but Disney/Pixar  (sorry Dreamworks, at least you have this honorable mention) has awesome movies that children see (and wear), I as a Dad am forced to watch it and attempt to limit the obsession.  However, there’s no avoiding it, Cars II is coming out this Summer and that could very well spark the obsession of my One year old.  I’m doomed to take them to a trip to Carsland opening soon in CA.  Yes, I know, I just advertised both. 

  • How can I make sure to curb the next obsession?
  • One amazing theory we use in bringing up our kids is “Distract and redirect” how can we do that with Cars if all of this stuff has been bought for him (not only by myself or my wife)
  • How many times seeing a movie is too many for a toddler?
  • If you’ve seen Cars, do you notice all the little things like the VW Bugs flying, the Tire tracks in the sky, Can you name all the characters and extras like we can?
  • I know nothing as a Father; I’m finding out.  What do you know?
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