Top 10 things missed most while you’re away from home.

Good dog10.  Our dog, every dog should have a boy (or 2).

 9.  The home washing machine and dishwasher.  How do the little ones’ clothes make such huge loads of laundry? Much like the amount of dishware and silverware used in them eating just a PB&J. 

8.  Control of your own thermostat as there are some people that keep theirs at 78’ in Florida (and in case they’re reading this….Happy Birthday)!

 7.  Your own refrigerator and pantry (to no longer pursue fast food joints simply because you’re on a 12 hour drive home).

6.  Kids’ play room/area.  You know it’s as safe as you can make it and whose bare feet have walked on it.

5.  Your own DVR/TIVO.  Time to spend some quality time together….commercial free (no pajama jeans, no Snuggies, we’ll get enough insurance shoved down our throats during the NCAA Tourney).

4.  Your own TV.  Just in time for March Madness.  It’s madness in March surrounded with the spirit of St. Patty’s day!

3.  Your favorite chair to accessorize #4 and# 5.

2.  The kids are home and back to their routine.

1.  Your own bed, pillow, sheets, bedroom (and no threat of hotel dwelling bedbugs).

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