Fatherly advice

Happy St. Patty’s Day! Enjoy the day, dread the 18th, have some beer, some corned beef,
I may pass on the cabbage. Wear some green. Drive carefully, if you’re driving don’t drink, if you drink, have a DD…..not likely I know, so use your feet, call a cab or your DAD!!!
Godspeed (oh yea, and don’t speed or Drive Drunk).

“And thank you for your support!” -Ed Bartles
We will go on tomorrow. Tonight, celebrating with family, watching the start of the NCAA tourney and going to the local irish pub for a couple-2-tree beers….it is a holiday after all! Be safe people!
My wife is an irish and a fanatic of most things (B-ball, St. Patty’s Day, our kids and anything else we can think of), so I will post the pictures of the kids in all green asap! Feel free to do the same. 

What did the non-irish Dad say wearing green say on his way out to the bar on St. Paddy’s Day after the kids have been put to bed?


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