Noodles and Couches, a sticky situation

I’ve gotten off track.  I need to get back to my main topic which is tips for Fathers/Parents (and advice/information/complaints from them).  My expertise (or lack there of) is in the care of toddlers/babies. This is current only up to today, as these kids could surprise me tomorrow and I may have to deal with a grilled cheese sandwich in the VCR.  Fortunately, we do not own a VCR and this is not the 80’s.  I have much more technological advances and culinary creations to be concerned with when coupled with my kids and their pending mischief.  With that said, here’s a tip:                    

Putting foam noodles (for the pool or beach, not sauce) at the base of your couch or recliner, will keep the kids from losing important toys underneath the spaces between these objects and the floor.  Even worse is finding a half-eaten grilled cheese because you don’t have a VCR. You may only find this a month later after an exhaustive search for a funky smell that you may not be totally sure it came from the kids, your dog…..or yourself!

 Now, some of you may already know this trick.  Noodles last forever unless you use them for their intended purpose. 

 Here is a tip I learned from my brother: cut a small piece of the noodle, make an incision down the middle of it and place at the top of the kids’ bedroom doors. 

This prevents:

  • Doors being slammed
  • Drywall from getting punctured by the doorknob
  • Kids fingers being smashed
  • The required babying resulting from the above
  • Parents fingers from being smashed
  • Curbing profanity due to your swelling fingers (kissing a boo-boo only works for the kids, not vice-versa) with the saving noodle, you can now be profane on your own terms

Back to the furniture.  The only drawback to preventing losing things under the couch is that there may be things that you would prefer being lost.  All kids get gifts from someone who doesn’t know how annoying that guitar, keyboard or the latest version of Elmo is.  Maybe they did know (how vindictive) and why isn’t there a volume control on that damn thing? I don’t condone stealing, discarding, torching, running over, hiding (you get the idea)your kids’ toys.  I do however understand it. use your discretion. 

Thanks for reading and as always, I look forward to your comments!

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