Kidsfest review and my two cents

Today my family and I went to Kidsfest in Greenville, NC.  Lots of vendors, goodies and games for the kids. The loot looks good in a the bag but contains brochures we’ll never read (actually for research, I will read it for you) and little toys the kids will never play with.  However, given my obligation to my readers (and to myself if I have no readers), I will report on the experience. 

Although it was very crowded, parking was easy for us as I did not care that there were orange cones trying to direct us to the back parking lot.  So I disregarded the authorities’ direction and with excellent driving skills I was able to knock the cone over and find a parking spot up front.  

This is the reckless endangerment of being a father….in a minivan.  I can’t wait to see the armed guards come after me at Disney when I don’t obey their parking rules.  “The sign said Goofy parking, what’s the problem?”

Anyway, I love the readers that I have but I feel there should be more.  I know many of you get frustrated at work and need a break, why not read or comment on my site.  (Don’t worry, my pitch is over)  What I intend to do is eventually have a booth there for next year’s convention. I left there pleased that my wife talked me into it.  I saw an opportunity so my next stop was Kinko’s to make some flyers.  I returned to the convention center and began handing them out and delivering my spiel.  I told people I started the website to get information out to the fathers in the community but that there are many wives and mothers who read, too.  I explained that it is fairly light-hearted and diverse in topic.  The site includes  top 10 lists and the occasional jokes. From the feedback I get, my contributions are a good read.  So with that said, this may be one of my most boring posts………yet hopefully informative.  If you feel the former is the case, then I will craft a new top 10 list as soon as possible just let me know.

Back to the kidsfest, my kids really enjoyed it.  At one point, there was a table with four kids sitting in front of  a piece of finger painting paper. However, this table did not include any paints, just chocolate pudding. Messy, indeed.  But they had a blast. At first, my son sat in front of the pudding with a blank stare, patiently awaiting a spoon. He got into it in no time with no spoon. My son was able to lick his fingers just after showing me the gobs of pudding on his hands.  There was very little pudding that got on the paper, but a work of art none the less (Bill Cosby would have been impressed).  I would have kept it and brought it home to put on the refrigerator but we have plenty of pudding in the refrigerator at home

So, I felt like I had a successful day.  I was able to take notes and learn about what organizations are in my area.  It’s such a big conference—I had no idea there existed that many organizations and agencies who  want to help families, kids, you and me. 

Before I became a stay at home Dad, I was an overworked employee at an insurance company for 12 years. It’s amazing how much my life has changed. Difficult at first, yes.  Difficult now, yes.  But, this is the most rewarding thing I could ever imagine is for my kids and myself.  Rewarding more so than that evil insurance company that gave me a $10 coupon to Honeybaked Ham each Christmas.  Ok, shifting gears, I must try to avoid ranting.

So, it’s a very sad statement when so many Dads are missing from their kids lives.  I’m very fortunate to be with mine while my wife works.  Of course, there’s a stigma attached to that, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Here in Pitt county, there’s a cable channel  that shows pictures of men who are criminals specifically for lack of paying child support  They are clearly absent from their kids lives.  The show scrolls through the pictures and describes what they are wanted for.  This is disappointing as we just want the best for our kids and that is all I am trying to do in this site. My kids and yours will be interacting with those that do not have the benefit of a healthy family and I hope I can maybe get enough information out there and work with the other organizations that will look to make kids know how important education is and cooperative social interaction.  Even Obama has spoken to us to advise of how important it is for families, particularly fathers to be involved in their kids lives, teach them, read to them, be interested in their lives and ask questions.

Say I love you as much as possible, be affectionate,  hug and kiss them as much as possible after all, our kids are reflections of  us…..Relive your childhood through them.  I do and it’s so much fun for all of us. 

Thank you for reading. Hopefully you can relate. I would really appreciate any comments you can share with me on this site. Any encouragement will help facilitate the development of new and exciting postings in the future.  

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