Online Grocery Shopping: First Attempt

In my first post, I mentioned that I intended to research the Grocery stores near me that offer internet shopping

I recently had an opportunity to check it out. At 10am on Monday morning, I got online and started to go through their lists.  I really enjoyed how easy it was, but it was challenging to get uninterrupted internet time between tending to my 1-year old and having to pick up the 3-year old from pre-school.  Unfortunately, when I returned from picking up my son, I was dropped from the site, even though my online cart was half-way full. They only hold your information for 60 minutes if there’s no activity.  Very frustrating.  So, after feeding the boys and putting them down for a nap it was about 2pm, at which my oldest son kept trying to find ways to come out and talk to me……”I need water, I need to go potty, I’m missing my Finding Nemo book and my Buzz Lightyear figurine.”  Finally he went to sleep.  I got back to the task at hand and it was 2:30PM.  I started over and found that I could not get it in for the 3pm deadline for the days groceries.  If after 3:00, then you can’t get your order until then. 

The boys got up from their nap and we went the old-fashioned way by driving to the store, using a cart, zigzagging through each aisle and hoping that I would be able to find everything on my original list and not get suckered into (more) stuff we didn’t need. 

This was at Lowe’s Grocery Store and despite my attempt failing, I really like the set up for their site and the store itself.  So, needless to say, I will try again. Next time, I will know that I need to start it earlier in the day so as to get it together correctly and have no toddler distractions (not likely, I know).  But I will get it right and have a better and more detailed report for you.  I dislike shopping and from what I’ve seen at this store, it seems like they will make it easier for us…..Hopefully!

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3 Responses to Online Grocery Shopping: First Attempt

  1. Leesa says:

    Quality details! I have been browsing for everything like that for a time today. Excellent!

  2. Whitney says:

    So you purchase the items on-line and then what? Do they deliver it to your house?

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