Looking for best Facebook / Twitter post contest to win 25$

This is a repost…

Everyone knows someone who has posted something on Facebook, Twitter or even Myspace that people just don’t need to know. Somehow our personal space filters have disappeared in cyberspace when it comes to disclosing things about ourselves in these statuses or posts.

It happens every day and although they are funny, you can’t help but think

 “Oh man, this is my best friend. Why do I (or anyone for that matter) need to know that they are bored.”

For example, one post described “my friend’s” bored status in utter mundane details:

She was at Sam’s Club and complaining about how people drive so slow in the parking lot. While being captivated by the hot dog stand in an attempt to get a spot, this person realized she somehow forgot the ketchup and hot dog buns when she was in the store. This prevented her from making dinner for her family.  Thanks so much to my friend Ezmerelda for allowing me to use her post as an example.  She’s a good sport and I would suggest using posts from people you know that would not take offense.

OMG, LOL, LMAO, ROFL. No, I don’t think so.

Some people are very funny but you still can’t believe what people post. No, we don’t have to read this but like a car accident, sometimes we have to watch (read). It’s not right, it’s human nature.

So, here’s what I’m proposing:

  1. Select a post you think is a good example of “Invasion of Personal Space.”

It doesn’t matter whether they are from friends, family, your scrabble, mafia, jewel game companions from around the world. We are just looking for outlandish, funny, not so funny, boring, really boring, whatever amuses you. It can be anonymous as I am not looking for your posts; I’m looking for posts from people you know. Special thanks to my friend Nikki for her post that led me to put this up to you.

  1. Enter your post in a comment to this blog entry.


  1. I will format these posts in another entry which will allow readers to vote on the best entry.


  1. The winner of the contest will receive a 25$ gift card for the best entry.


Note: There must be at least 20 entries to conduct the contest.  I am a truly non-profit being a stay at home father, so I can’t dispense unless I know this is something that will encourage readership or participation with this site.

This is my first blog contest, so I look forward to seeing how it goes. Please participate and check back at the blog often for results.  As soon as I am able, I will let you know the date as to which the results are in.   Hopefully, there will be more contests to come.



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