New Beastie Boys Clip from youtube.

I have searched and there are several versions, good versions  of this video and music. 

You can find it in HULU and in Youtube, I found more variety in the latter. 

Please comment if you like it, or say you have a teenager currently fighting you for the right to party, we will understand your position but suggest you post your feelings about the video ven though your post might be negative.  

The way my 3 year old boy yells at me now, I can see it being that way for me when he’s ready to fight for those rights.  I’ll remember that I did the same but that all of us we have to play the parent role.  (I’m currently writing this in the garage in an attempt to escape from the abundance of recent terrible 3’s)Any suggestions on handling tantrums? There was a book I heard about called How to Behave so Your Child Behaves.   Anyone read it, is it worth reading?  I’ve searched online and  I’m having difficulty finding it.  Any info helps
This doesn’t mean that we can’t laugh a little when it finally happens to us or that we have. to stop listening to our music of choice.  Honestly, I’ll just be happy if my kids want to play good music other than looking to play the latest version of   justin Gaga and lady Beiber

As a Dad I am a fan of good music, started today with the Beastie Boys, if you love ’em, Start your day with them tomorrow!  Please click on the link, it has some of our favorites….Will Ferrell, Danny Mcbride, Elijah Wood, Jack Black, Rashida Jones, Susan Surrandon and many more famous faces.

Off topic sort of.  Just thought that as a Dad, since I like them some of my viewers may too. 

Thanks for reading!!!

P.S.  Thanks to all who have been reading, and writing comments.  your comments let me know that the people who do read make it worth while as I am floored, thanks again!

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3 Responses to New Beastie Boys Clip from youtube.

  1. Kerry Littlewood says:

    Even though I am a little biased, I love reading your blog. My favorite Beasties Song is probably Pass the Mic. The book you are looking for is called How to Behave So Your Preschooler Will, Too by Sal Severe, Ph.D. It is available in hard cover, paperback and also audio (for those parents who have trouble finding the time to sit and read). I listened to an audio version of this book during a long trip by myself from FL to NC to FL again in one day. This book held my interest and offered some very practical advice and also made me laugh at some of the common themes that emerge as we raise preschoolers. I highly recommend it. Here is the information, a list of a few topics, and a book review from

    Severe, S. (2002). How to behave so your preschooler will, too. New York, NY: Penguin Publishing. ISBN: 0-670-03108-9. Website:
    Available at at

    A Few of the Topics in How To Behave So Your Preschooler Will, Too! Include:
    How Language Affects Behavior
    How Motivation Affects Behavior
    How Preschoolers Learn
    Quick Start Strategies
    How to Build Positive Behaviors and Attitudes
    Managing Your Anger
    Alternatives to Spanking
    Correcting Misbehavior with Time-Out
    Preschool Fears
    Behavior in Public Places Book Review: If certain movies can earn “two hanky” ratings for their ability to induce tears, Sal Severe’s How to Behave So Your Preschooler Will, Too easily deserves a “two highlighter” rating for its bountiful collection of noteworthy parenting strategies. From the hilarious opening anecdote about his 4-year-old’s verbal attack on a waiter to his reassuring final chapter (“From Cookies to Car Keys”), Severe’s candor, practical advice, and savvy long-term vision offer quick relief for overwhelmed parents of 3- to 6-year-olds. The moral of this school psychologist’s story: Language counts; use it wisely. Yelling, spanking, and knee-jerk time-outs do little to correct misconduct, and may promote more misbehavior. Instead, Severe champions positive, age-appropriate phrases to curb the whining, parry the potty words, and morph fights into sharing sessions. He shows how to formulate meaningful consequences for little rule breakers and how to wield the parents’ ultimate “better behavior” tool: consistency. Literally hundreds of clever catch phrases (void of the word don’t), sample dialogues, anger-management techniques, written exercises, and tips on tweaking inadequate corrective measures flow throughout Severe’s 25 standalone chapters. An ample book list that offers suggested parent/child reading on dozens of topics nicely caps off this exemplary guide.

  2. Miriam says:

    Hi I discovered your blog by mistake when i was searching AOL for this topic, I need to say your website is truly very helpful I also love the layout, it is awesome!

  3. Diane says:

    Hi to my favorite son-in-law! I’m enjoying your blog and I know I am a little biased but you have the best and cutest boys in the whole world! Happy Father’s Day to an exceptional father with a great sense of humor and an awesome guy too!
    In regard to the book you are looking for “How to behave so your child behaves”, I was at Barnes & Nobel and they had a book called “How to behave so your children will too” by Sal Severe. Its $15.00 and can I buy it for you as I have some other books for the boys too?

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