Mr. Mom

I wanted to post this as quickly as possible as this is very fitting to my life as an NC Dad taking care of our boys.  Although I’m not the biggest country music fan, I do like the song and particularly the video. Click the link below to watch and listen carefully to the words.  I watched this as Finding Nemo was playing in the background and the baby was whining for some attention. 

My wife found the video as she actually is a country music fan, but we won’t hold that against her.  I want also to give special thanks to her as she is my Editor-in-Chief and helps when I’m stumped.  I have put a request in to find a rock or rap version, she is still conducting research.  She started for me and takes good care of all of us. 

Thanks Honey!



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2 Responses to Mr. Mom

  1. Jodi Starr says:

    That’s because your wife rocks! I’m too darned selfish…I would want to be the full time parent. Toby is fabulous and the girls adore him but I’m just a bit too controlling when it comes to the kiddos. Of course, mine are girls and yours are boys…perhaps that makes a diffrence? Anyway…as always, your humor is wonderful and I’m glad to see how well you all are doing. Keep it up…I love your site!

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