Just the tip…. of the day

If your kid(s) wake up at the crack of dawn because light enters the room, a night-light may help as that keeps the light the same all through night and morning.  I’ve found my 3-year old sleeps longer since I put the night-light in his room, I’m sure it helps that it’s a (Cars) Mater night-light. 

This is better for the whole house.  He needs sleep, my Wife needs sleep and so do I.  The baby really needs sleep as we’ve just taken away the pacifier at 15 months old.  It’s either time to do away with it or we’re really mean parents.  He’s really doing well without it at night, but during nap time, he cries until I give in as I don’t want him to wake his brother.  It’s only been a week and driving me crazy.  However, I’m not buying a Pug to push around in a stroller just yet. 

I’m sure it’s no fun for him either but it’s time to give up the binky or get a job. Today is the 2nd full day without it and he’s still a happy baby, so I didn’t get him any Nicorette.  When my oldest was first weaned off the binky, my poor advice led to waiting too long and he did not nap at all at first.  But that was for my wife to worry about as I had a 9-5 job then, but “in any given day, I would only do about 15 minutes of actual work.”  Next step is to get him out of the crib and into the toddler bed….and charge rent.

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One Response to Just the tip…. of the day

  1. Deron says:

    Nice title Ken!

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