#1 Cars 2 Fan goes #1 in diaper row 2 seat 3

 Cheers and well wishes to you all. Busy week for us, last Friday Cars 2 came out and we were first in line for the first showing.  Not that we were very early but there’s never a line at the automated ticket machine as people fear technology. 

I walked into the movie not knowing what to expect.  Cars 2 is such a short title, I like my movies to tell me the cliff notes of what to expect like Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

In my opinion, Cars 2 was as good as the first.  It did not get good reviews by “professional” critics.  What do they know? One reviewer stated there was too much Mater.  Completely ridiculous, like that’s possible!  Basically, the director and Chief Creative Officer)(now that’s a title) of Pixar John Lasseter said (and I’m adlibbing as I would hate to be sued by Pixar or vaporized by Disney) that they wrote a spy movie in which the characters happened to be cars.  I did not see it in 3D but the animation is incredible.  The only negative was the product placement but there were only a few times that showed up.  I don’t feel I advertised me at all.  On a completely unrelated note, later today I’m visiting a new insurance agent today; I will eat at that new Thai Italian place and think a little more about retirement. 

I would say that the first Cars seemed like it was made by car companies, given the glorification of all major brands and the racing.  Part 2 has been criticized as having a leftist agenda.  Either way, it’s a kids movie  I think when you criticize movies for a living you point out the stupid that the average person may have missed The dissection of these movies leads to remakes because the people running Hollywood  are not the creative ones.

Off my soap box, back to the important movie sighting (I chose to call it a movie sighting since I just gave the reviewers a good bashing.  My son AJ has never sat still for that long of a period of time.  My wife and I have given ourselves a limit, no more than 3 times to see it in the theaters.  It definitely kept my attention too.  It has to at 9$ admission price.  My wife and the baby liked it too.  It was a very cerebral so I don’t think my son understood totally what was going on during certain parts of the movie, but he didn’t care he was just happy to see his old pals Lightning McQueen and Mater back in action and seeing them on the big screen for the first time.  He really liked the new cars as well; This was Michael Caine’s best performance. 

The first Cars movie I only learned to like because of how often it’s been played in my house.  I feel it’s fair to say that when my plasma TV finally dies, if we did not watch Cars on it so frequently, I would have 2 more years of life on the TV.  2 more years that we could then watch Cars 2 on a loop when we inevitably buy the DVD, a backup copy DVD and Blue Ray copy (in case we ever get a Blue Ray Player).

I believe that if I had no kids, I would still see this movie and enjoy it, but it is so much more enjoyable to see it with my family and see the anticipation and excitement as AJ lights up when we took him to the theater. 

Last night was date night, which means we went to see a movie, that’s pretty much been our only escape.  Transformers Dark of the Moon was awesome, incredible, bad-ass, action-packed, well written and the CGI was well crafted.  I haven’t seen an ovation like that in a movie theater since Forrest Gump. That’s all I have to say about that;  I’m not a movie critic. 

 Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

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