Top 10 Reasons to take lots of pictures of your kids

10.  They grow up so fast.  (Mock cliche here) That has good and bad connotations.  Good: I can’t wait for diaper doody to end.  Bad:  the baby can’t talk back yet, but I know the back talk is coming, with a vengeance.

9.  What else would I put on Facebook? That I got stung by a bee while mowing the lawn in my favorite flip flops on Tuesday, after I had a chicken salad sandwich for lunch.   It had grapes in it, have you ever heard of such a thing? Grapes.

8.  For extended family that is out of town not seen very often.  Helps to make them feel closer and know your kids…..and perhaps they see the cute side but not the nightmarish tantrum side that we witness inevitably, incredibly, perpetually.  As a gift, you could always send pictures to be picked up at any Walgreen’s, CVS, Snapfish, Shutterfly(both online), even Wal-Mart but they’re still off our list.  (Every day at Wal-Mart is like Christmas Eve at the mall without the impending excitement).  Pictures are always a great gift when you can’t think of anything to buy….assuming the person you’re buying a gift for likes your kids.  Don’t assume that they do.  Make sure they do.

7.  Indisputable evidence that your kid did catch a fish this big….not that you bought one and hooked it to a fishing pole, put it in your screaming kid’s hands then took a picture and burned the receipt.  “That’s my boy!”

6.  Because you think that you can argue indisputable evidence while you are known for making up stories like this one and photoshopping kids into pictures of fishing at the pier when you really have no kids, no intention of having kids and a serious addiction to children’s television.  (Yea, I’m busted.  I actually only had a top 9 but inspired by the guy mentioned at #1.  It’s late, power’s been out for a few hours, hot, lethargic, Happy 4th by the way, this was supposed to be published yesterday, but could not due to power outage, so happy 5th) Disregard time stamp as camera was never set.

Blackout by the light of the laptop (with flash)


Blackout by the light of the laptop (with no flash)



5.  Because we don’t waste money on film, flash cubes, instead we waste money on monthly internet bills to see our pictures, phone bills with another internet bill built in to the phone bill.  The optometry business is booming because our technology is winning against our eyes, but we’re saving trees. 

4.  Every time you see an announcement for a cutest baby contest, you can’t help but think you should enter your baby, but never do as it’s not fair to the other kids. 


3.  Bad hair cuts are forever if you capture it in a picture, rat tails, mullets, faux hawks, the Harry and Lloyd.  All of these can be used as blackmail at any age.

2.  That one millisecond that both or all of your kids are smiling, happy and looking at the camera at the same time.  You did it, got that perfect picture that 100$ deal at JC Penney’s couldn’t capture.  And it only took you 2 cameras and 4026 takes!

1.  Because this guy is on the road and pictures will help your family to remember after he and his driving while using his iPad cause you to have a very bad day.  I took 3 pictures of this guy; he never noticed or looked up from his iPad, picture is not the best but the fact that he’s using his iPad going 75 MPH on 4th of July weekend is so disturbing, it’s not the most clear due to the glare.  (I took this picture as a passenger, then we got away from this jackass who should have his license revoked)

Don't iPad and Drive

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2 Responses to Top 10 Reasons to take lots of pictures of your kids

  1. denger musik says:

    I like take a picture of my son

  2. Chris W says:

    Grapes? In the chicken salad? Who does that?

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