NCDads never to set foot in a grocery store again. Film at 11.

Much like Wal-Mart, Lowe’s food stores has made me not want to go into the store.  However, I still want to drive to Lowe’s.  I finally completed the simple task of on-line grocery shopping.  The picture is unrelated to the story but i know my readers like pictures, this is AJ in an every day scene at school.

I finished the grocery list on-line and it took (collectively) about an hour, just as it takes a while to complete this entry or any on-line task.  I had several distractions and was afraid I may not make the 3pm deadline for same day pick up.  I completed with time to spare and was able to select a pickup time that worked for me. 

The pickup time was in half hour increments and I chose what I assumed may be their busiest pick up time, between 6pm and 6:30pm.  Lowe’s has a drive-thru area at the front of the parking lot and I have never seen anyone pull into it.  This worries me as I have seen the light.  I know that I am a huge fan of on-line grocery shopping; I always will be.  I hope that the technological convenience isn’t too far ahead of its time and that they do away with it in my area. 

I am getting off track.  During my exciting new journey of columns instead of aisles, I could look in any category they offered, use key word search and when I picked an item I could always leave notes by it, choose quantities and see the price. 

The only mistakes I may have made and (invaluable) advice I may give you is to watch how the item is purchased, whether it is through quantity, weight or volume.  A good example is that once I got my order home, I saw only one peach, but 6 banana.  Bananas are by quantity and not weight but peaches were the opposite. 

So, I checked out online, I could see everything I ordered and I deleted some items and added notes to others or changed their quantity.  I believe I could have paid through the site, but chose not to.  I chose to pay by debit at the store pickup. 

Before I got to the store, about an hour and a half prior, I received a call from the store, advising me that they were out of hot dog buns, but they offered a different similar item by a comparable brand and offered the store brand.  Naturally, I chose a frozen pizza. 

Alright, I feel as if I’m giving you too much useful information, when you’re so used to reading the opposite. 

6:15pm, I drive up to the call button and they were waiting for me, this also bothers me as I would never want them to discontinue this service (then, I will have to complete the promised task of trying out the service at Harris Teeter).  An employee comes out with a cart full of my groceries, I pop the hatch to the mini-van and she loads all my groceries.  She gives me the list, a survey, a handy chip clip, grocery list pad and an FAQ sheet. I give her my debit card, she completes the transaction right there, she refuses a tip due to store policy (not a fan of that, I should be able to tip whoever I want) and I’m on my way within five minutes.  Awesome. 

So, my advice to anyone using the service is to look around your house before you begin your venture.  Write down what you need from the store, cabinets, fridge, under the bed, whatever, wherever.  I say this only as you may spend too much time going through each category online.  However, one great thing about the service is the first order is saved and for my next visit, it might take only a half hour since I will use that as a template. 

Here’s the kicker, I spent probably 50$ less with this trip to the store because I did not have the impulse buys.  Another concern was the freshness of the items.  The meats, the sale items and produce all look like items I would pick.

Well, thank you for reading.  Many of my readers do not shop at Lowe’s for groceries, but if your grocery store offers the service, try it out, I can’t believe it took me so long to finally go through with it.  Now I have more time to yell at my kids in other public places like the park or Chick Fil-A.  It’s a time saver, a money saver and frustration saver, never set foot in the store, did not need to get out of the car, no hassle from the kids who sat so patiently in the car with me and I dealt with no lines.  NO LINES.

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2 Responses to NCDads never to set foot in a grocery store again. Film at 11.

  1. Holy cow! Glad you were able to finally online grocery shop. It’s a much pleasurable experience compared to shlepping everything at the grocery store, where I’d more than likely forget something, or buy total garbage. I like to be able to look in the cabinets and plan.
    Also, I need that picture! What a cutie!

  2. My brother recommended I might like this website. He was once totally right. This publish truly made my day. You can not believe just how a lot time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

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