Hunker Down!! Avast Ye Matey!

Watch out guys who have sponsor stickers all over their cars. This kid can turn left with the best of 'em

NCDads is a strong supporter of Hunkering down and preparing for squalls.  I have put every projectile in the garage.  Any suggestions on what to do with my 60′ tall trees?  On the bright side, if the house remains and the trees topple, I might be able to get DirecTV.  For those of you that don’t know, DirecTV advertises that you can get their satellite anywhere in the world. Untrue.  They said the trees are too tall.  Dish Network didn’t bother to waste my time, they knew by the description of my house and trees that they couldn’t get me Satellite either.   Dish however never lied about it.

Anyway, back on track.  I’m a little further inland by about an hour and a half from the coast.  This means I won’t get the beach in my front yard (or sides or back for that matter) but that we could sustain some damage here.  But I shall protect my family.  If we have to, we will evacuate. Pre-K (Before wife K and Kids) I never would have said that.   In 2006, I was on my front porch watching power lines fall due to a tree falling on it, that was my first inkling to maybe go inside. Although as it comes through I will look out the window from time to time, My wife and I will still determine safety first for our family.  I get excited about big storms like this.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want anyone to get hurt. 

I guess I saw so much of it working homeowner claims for an insurance company that I was desensitized due to the amount of damages I’ve seen whether it’s home, car, dock,etc. 

So, with that said, I’ve been telling my 3 year old all day about hurricanes.  I did not make him fearful or use terms like mother nature, because that could cause confusion for him later in life.   Not only that, I answered all his questions, They may not be correct.  That will get me later in life as I’ll have to be honest with him and tell him I don’t know how electricity or flying cars work (we’ve gotta have flying cars in 15 years or so right?)  OR WHY WE LOST POWER AND NEARLY DIED OF HEAT EXAUSTION AFTER HURRICANE IRENE LEFT, ok that was an exaggeration, I would never yell at him in all caps.

I think he saw my excitement for the storm and I’ve always told him that Sunshine is good for us, but that for me,  no rain makes me depressed if it’s been sunny for too long a while.  The baby is oblivious, we just need to make sure he can eat and drink and find things for him to play for, for 10 seconds, discard in the middle of any walkway in the house.  Now that I think of it, maybe I didn’t need to explain hurricanes to AJ as he’s just as happy doing the same thing the baby is. 

For those of you unprepared, you still have time to do so.  I speak for myself, it’s now 2:30am,we have high winds and stinging rain out there now, but it will be much worse if I wait until a normal hour to take in the garbage cans and risk injury and angry neighbors.  Godspeed.  And for those of you that will not be effected thanks for reading.

So now, the wind gusts I can hear through the windows have been stronger and stronger the later it gets.  It’s now 3am.

I’m no meterologist but I’d say it’s about 35 MPH.  I’m also not not a Jazz Flutist.

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3 Responses to Hunker Down!! Avast Ye Matey!

  1. chris naylon says:

    How’s the weather? Looks like storm weakened quite a bit. Who you taking at #5 tomorrow?

    • ncdads says:

      Right now, just strong winds and a lot of rain. The yard’s a mess, trees down, flooded roads and power is on and off. Fortunately, Jim Cantore is not in NC, wherever they send him…there’s trouble. He is however my #1 pick for Fantasy Football.

  2. nfolkers says:

    A little late but I’m new to your blog…fun and well written. We were hammered in PA by the visiting Irene but we followed the Florida rules…Cash, batteries, gasoline, bottled water and lots of fattening snacks. Give your beautiful wife a hug for us

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