Top 10 Best snacks for my kids / breath-taking pictures

10.  Banana. Andy loves them, and because his brother is easily jealous with anything his brother gets, AJ will eat bananas more often.  When I open a banana, he takes half in one hand, and half in the other, always a big wide grin in-between. Bananas are not only nutritious, mobile, and relatively inexpensive—but also involve a fairly easy clean up. On that note, please make sure to not let your kid stuff the banana anywhere you will not find for a few days, smash a ripe one into your carpet with their foot, or rub in their hair. Fortunately for me, Andy only stores them in his cheeks to save them for winter.

9.  Yogurt- I’ve always liked the organic vanilla Stoneyfield yogurt because it has the active live cultures that are good for babies, especially to promote healing from diaper rashes. However, now that AJ is older, he prefers his treat to be of the YoCrunch variety. In case you are unfamiliar with this, it is the yogurt that comes with the mini M&Ms.  Sure, he is getting the protein he needs, but also probably way, way too much sugar. AJ also likes Yoplait strawberry, Trix and Cars yogurt (I know, you’re shocked), and any other novelty available. Yoplait now has a variety for kids that have 25% lower sugar than regular yogurt and no artificial sweetener. Watch out for light yogurts with the artificial sweeteners in it. Sure it has less sugar, but that stuff is pretty bad—unless you are one of those parents who give diet cokes to their kid. If that is the case, than light yogurt is the least of your worries.

8.        Goldfish.  Koi, Lionfish, some sushi rolls can all be farm raised and prepared correctly, but kids will only voluntarily eat Goldfish brand snacks, teenagers are a different story, they may choose to eat actual goldfish on a dare.  I’ve seen it…..not pretty.  Goldfish are the gateway fish.

7.  Scrabble Letter Cheez-Its. OK, these are delicious, educational and sometimes….prophetic!  Unlike #8, kids may eat actual Scrabble letters; let’s make sure they know the difference.   Stick to the online version if you really play that often.  Maybe we’ll scratch #’s 7&8 so we can just say the cheese crackers at the grocery store as there are tons of different varieties of this snack.

6.  Blueberries.  Steer clear of dingleberries, crunch berries, blackberries.  Juiceboxes are not always the best for your kids as they are loaded with sugar and Bartles & James may cool their whine, but serving your kids wine is not that cool.  Alright, working wine coolers into this list was not very easy.  I challenged myself.  Challenge accepted.  NEXT!

5.  Gummy Fruit Snacks. Although expensive, the organic, all natural snacks (can be purchased at Fresh Market) are so much better for the kids [than Spongebob, Scooby-Doo, insert Seseme Street character here], but don’t come in individual packs.

4.  M&Ms.  Keeps my kids happy, so does our sandbox, at least there aren’t stray cats visiting. M&Ms do however come in individual packs and can be found

7-11 feet are the leading cause of not caring about your kids snacks

3.  Grapes. So much better than fried chicken on a long drive.  Raisins however are on my list of stuff you don’t to discover in the middle of your living room floor when you haven’t yet identified them as raisins.  That list is pending, it also includes (along with raisins) spaghetti, rice, ramen noodles.  These are things you also don’t want to find you’ve stepped in on the kitchen floor in your nice new white socks. 

2.  Cereal-many varieties, both cheap and expensive.  Some lower cholesterol, some cure split ends and hat head.  We’re only aware of the first one.  I’ve found that if I go after the generic of something I used to love, then I’ll never know the difference.  Thanks Glistening Poly-shaped Fiber breakfast nuggets.  These are Okayyyy!!!  (Please tell me you know what I’m referring to, my Wife did not).  This entry was not cleared with my Editor. 

  1.  Chocolate Milk, smoothies, cow based milk, soy based milk, goat based milk or yoo-hoo, water, basically anything (legal and) wet that gives way to them breathing through their noses and keeping their mouths occupied with something other than screaming, whining, crying, baby-talk.  I am a big fan of my boys talking, laughing and singing, but for now, I just put them to bed, so the whining/crying etc, is fresh in my mind.  My main goal in the day is to make sure to limit how much artificial food and drink they take in and eliminate sugars.  Ever shopped for sugar-free M&Ms?  They’re with the dehydrated water.

 True, this list is completely incomplete, 100% not finished.  But, I had a few and was on my way to ten when I decided that this was a good Segway into sharing pictures of my adventures with the in-laws in Milwaukee and the pictures I took at the Wisconsin State Fair, Milwaukee, WI.  These would have been perfect for a Top Ten List, but they are all matched at #1. 

Decide for yourself.

Deep Fried PB&J

Tastes like chicken

Deep Fried Beer...served with cheese of course

The kids love this's utterly educationalLead singer of Ratt, Stuckey's at Exit 34 was booked, still sounded good though


That sounds good, I don't care who you are

That sounds good, I don’t care who you areLite Beer from Miller, Fried Cheese Curds, Ranch, MarinaraLead singer of Ratt, Stuckey’s at Exit 34 was bookedOnly in Wisconsin

Lite Beer from

Only in Wisconsin

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4 Responses to Top 10 Best snacks for my kids / breath-taking pictures

  1. nfolkers says:

    Fried ravioli, be still my beating heart…oh wait, if I eat them, it will be still.

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  3. Morey says:

    Slam dunkin like Shaquille O’Neal, if he wrote informative artciels.

  4. Makailah says:

    I really couldn’t ask for more from this arcitle.

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