Sleep Eating: A Very Serious and Delicious Condition

The following was taken while we were visiting family in Florida.  I’ve written on the subject several times and on a daily basis question myself as to if I have done enough to make certain that my kids have enough exercise, stimulation and fun in any given day.  The video and picture prove two successful days.  They were taken only days apart and kept my wife and I endlessly amused so I am happy to share it with you. 

Capturing certain moments are easier these days and I am fortunate to have this site to share it with the world.  For now, it’s an e-mail, a status update on Facebook or just a corny Dad showing pride but in 16 years when long forgotten, this picture and video will resurface so I can show to my kids’ Prom dates the pride always felt in raising them and the embarrassment that I wish upon them for not sleeping when I needed them to.  I know the Prom deal is very cliché but for goodness sake, it’s 10:19pm and AJ has come out of bed twice in the past hour to tell us he wants to watch a DVD that he likes that we have no idea where it came from, called “Ready, Set, Go” tomorrow morning.  At the end of the day my patience is worn thin so in this second visit from his fort (bottom bunk bed has a comforter draped over from the top) I actually blurted “Dude, go to bed.”  I’ve never addressed him as dude before, not sure where that came from….dude. 

For now, my boys have saved me from writing (and you from reading) a lengthy, substantive article as I have already written several on our Florida escapades.  I have already written about how my boys are adaptive in a 12-hour car drive and as I search for something new to write, I’m only reminded that it’s good to be home, it’s good to wind down at the end of the day and it’s good to be the only one awake at 10:36pm.  All the lights are out so I can’t see the sea of toys that is my living room.  I can’t see the 10 cubic yards of unwashed, unfolded and un-put away laundry.  [Cue the Doogie Houser theme song] I can’t see my family but I know like the housework, that they are here and need me.  I also know that most people may not have read this and just skipped down to the video and picture so that said…..I’m going to sleep.

AJ falls asleep while eating a piece of bread

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