Discovery Kids Toy Review and Top 10

Who's House? Fun House!

This is a fantastic new toy, the Discovery Kids Cardboard Color Me Play House.  My wife bought this today so we could watch football.  It turns out that this is their current favorite toy.  It has kept them very busy.  This is a huge stimulant for their creativity, sharing, and it makes for a good escape from and for Mom and Dad.  It was purchased at Walgreens for about 15$ which is about half the cost when I researched online.  AJ has already told us he needs a TV for his house and when bedtime came he asked to sleep in it.  It was very easy to put together and they love coloring on it.  The downside to that is we just hope it’s not a gateway toy– that might lead to coloring on the real walls.

This has been a great way for us to hide a lot of toys and it’s very spacious, especially if you’re less than 3 feet tall.  Most of all, to me, it means the return of my top ten lists. 

I'm busy, could you come back never?

Top 10 Comments We Can Make About Their Exciting New Toy

10.  “Have you met the neighbors?”  “Yeah, they’re really nosy, always telling me what to do.”

9.  “Hi, welcome to this old box.”

8.  “The taxes aren’t so bad, but the paper cuts are a bitch.”

7.  “We’re in a recession, but we’re all learning to cut back. It was either this or a house of cards.”

6.  “Well, this is a step up from FEMA city.”

5. “I see you went with the same carpet as your Dad’s place.”  “Yeah, we got a good deal. Plus if   something spills, we just move the place over to a cleaner part of the carpet.”

4. “I got a good drywall guy if you need it.”  “No need, if the walls get wet, the whole house collapses. Plus, my parents just bought a refrigerator.  My fingers are crossed that if they don’t toss the box, I’m thinking of making that our new vacation get-away.”

3.  “I love what you’ve done with the place. It’s very Feng Shoebox.”

2.  “A homeless guy made millions on this.”

1.  “Someone finally realized a way to capitalize on the fact that when you buy a kid a toy, they only like the box.”

Come in, can my Dad get you something to drink?

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