For The Moms and My Babys’ Mama

Mommy and AJ

This is my 50th post, a milestone for me.  I’ve always enjoyed writing but from my 20’s to early 30’s I was preoccupied with not writing.  I had so many experiences that I thought about writing about but chose to remember them instead.  Now they are fuzzy memories.  If I were to write from those memories, you would have already stopped reading as I may have been trailing off; made no sense (which I cannot guarantee won’t happen as you trail off reading the following). 

The problem aside from my eternal procrastination was that I didn’t have the proper motivation to write.  My wife and kids if you haven’t guessed by now is my inspiration.  I have always felt I have led a fascinating life but it’s been nothing (as an adult, not wanting to take away from my exceptional childhood) prior to 2004, when I met my wife at the Last Damn Show (rap concert at the Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, FL, the best mediocre rap show ever given our meeting).   

  • 2004 we met, fell in love and found we were ridiculously alike although we led very different lives up until we found each other.
  • 2005 we were engaged during the fireworks at the Taste of Pinellas Festival on the water in FL
  • 2006 we were married in the FL Keys, non-traditional and completely our style.   Married couples with awesome, memorable weddings, told us that ours was the most awesome and the most memorable wedding (Yea, I’m  sticking with that)
  • 2007 we had our Honeymoon in Europe (Most culture and exercise I’ve ever experienced since)
  • 2008 we had our first son AJ and my wife graduated from UNC with her PhD. 
  • 2009 Kerry was pregnant again and working primarily from home, taking care of AJ, quite the sweet gig as she was getting paid.
  • 2010 Andy was born and, we decided on a major life move which allowed me to quit my job (notice I am not referring it to a career) of 12 years, and we moved to Greenville, NC for my wife to pursue her career at ECU. 
  • 2011, the birth of this blog.  My wife’s pregnant again and we settled in well after a rough start for me as I had not moved since I was 5 years old. 
  • Here we are in December, 2011 still in NC.  I will spend my first Christmas away from FL in 31 years, in Wisconsin.  We should be guaranteed a white Christmas.  Very exciting….almost as exciting as we are waiting on baby #3 anxiously, due in February 2012. 
  • Since our move, we’ve been back to both Florida and Wisconsin several times to see family and friends which is so important to me; to us especially for our kids to see their cousins.

I started writing this as my last post mentioned how much women do for their kids and husbands.  Since this is a milestone writing for me, I felt it only right to pay homage to my wife for allowing this to happen as the domain and initial setup was created by my wife with the help of her sister.  It is a Christmas present that I have used all year long and will continue as long as I can write (and remember to renew the domain name). 

I wrote in my last article of my issues with taking my 2 boys to Subway for lunch at AJ’s adorable request.  If it were up to me I would take them out to lunch every day however I know that I’ll experience some amount of stress no matter at a restaurant or at home.  Less clean up at home, that’s ideal for me. 

Andy and Mama

Anyway, not to rehash that incident, but I wanted to make it known that our women, wives, significant others complain but from my perspective, I think they wouldn’t have the complaints that I had about that experience or half the rants or complaints, bitchings, whinings that I write about.  I, however think I’m funny.  That does it for me, whether you think so or not! 

As a stay at home father for 16 months (parents of toddlers use months instead of years for some reason, that would make AJ 41 months), I think I’ve got the hang of it, except that I can’t get over the fact that I am not bringing in a paycheck and I know I’ve said this before—several times in fact, that with the new baby, we are to be outnumbered.  I’m scared but I can’t imagine life without my boys now and after Feb. 6th 2012 our family, my life, our lives will never be the same; which is how we want it. 

What I really wanted to say is thank you to my loving wife.  While I have had trouble adjusting, she has had the equivalent of 2 full-time jobs which allow flexibility but also demand so much from her.  Also, when I have a problem, she hears about it, sometimes repeatedly.   Not to mention, the boys and our dog tugging at her every which way as soon as she walks through the door.    

Mama and Andy

When we moved here to NC, she saw how stressed I would be at the end of the day and enrolled AJ into school immediately, knowing that by doing so, that would give him the socialization he needed and a break that I needed (plus the break he may have needed from me.)  Now, Andy is also enrolled in school there 2 days a week and they have made friends which has really helped them adapt and be in a structured learning environment (and it has two playgrounds). 

My wife has done and will always do what she can to help anyone in need.  That’s why we (I and my boys) are so lucky, as she will do what needs to be done.  If she doesn’t know what needs to be done, she will research and find what’s important, right and best for our family.

You get the point.  I love my wife. I love my kids.  I love to write and I love that I have a reader or two.   

I’ve always written her letters on holidays, birthdays, Christmas, President’s Days and I don’t think that any of them have been have been as substantive as this has. 

While this is dedicated to my wife, it is also dedicated to the Moms that have always done what I do, day in and day out, day job or not, taking care of kids is ridiculously hard work.  It is thankless, yet rewarding.  It is important and fun.  We have to make sure our kids eat right, get exercise, get outside, be safe and have fun each day.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still the man of the house, just the man that cooks and cleans more than the average man of the house and gets to play with the toys that I missed out on as a kid. 

Grandma Flutter and Mama (she's an amazing daughter too)

I love my job and I owe that to my wife.  For the first time, this is my 5th post in 1 week.  I could have saved this for Mother’s Day but again, this is my 50th post and I would not have written this much without the influence and daily encouragement and endless supply of writing material from my wife and my awesome kids.

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9 Responses to For The Moms and My Babys’ Mama

  1. Heather says:

    What a lovely post! I’m so happy I was about to help Kerry get this blog up and running. I love reading it and seeing the pictures you post. I’m also lucky to have a brother-in-law as fantastic as you! 🙂 Can’t wait to see all of you for Christmas!

    • ncdads says:

      Thanks Heather! This is one of the few that she was not asked to edit for corrections, mistakes, run-on sentences, offensive material or my favorite….confusing BS! it was easy to write as she took great care of me and kids when I had to go the emergency room yesterday as I dislocated my knee. boo, crutches suck.

  2. kirdy says:

    Great Post! I have to agree that Kerry is an awesome person. I’m so happy that you married her. I think that your mom would have loved her a lot.

  3. Mike Bissell says:

    I don’t have time to read this much do to the extensive workload I have to handle due to an ex coworker leaving my company. The excoworker is Ken Littlewood! lol.
    Read it today and trying to figure out how you have time to right this much when you are taking care of the kids. I have my laptop out 1 minute and both girls are on my lap banging on keys! lol.
    Good article and yes Kerry is awesome and you are lucky. I’d give anything to have your job now too!

    • ncdads says:

      First off there’s no LOLing on this site. 2nd, even the dirty diapers that Andy gives me is worth more than the holiday 10$ gift certificate that your multi-billion dollar company gives out for the holidays!

  4. Soly says:

    Crazy… I saw the picture of Kerrie At the top and said to mike….. I can’t believe they met at a last damn show… And then you mentioned it. I think while you were meeting the love of your life, I was waiting for mike outside the bathroom while he was puking! So happy for you guys. And best of luck with that 3rd baby. You might have your own soccer team soon if you keep it up! You could be the first soccer dad!! Love ya ken!

  5. chad says:

    Amazing where life has taken us all Ken, the paths we cross and all that. Good stuff. Sam and I are very glad to have you and Kerry and the kids in our lives.

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