Story Time, Any Time

Child's play

Yesterday around 10:15am, I realized that with AJ at school, I could take Andy to Barnes & Noble for story time. I’ve taken him a few times while his brother was at school.  He runs all over the store as if he owns it.  It’s tempting to reinstate the stroller but he’s too big for it.   Taking him there would be extremely difficult right now. I am on crutches due to a non-sports related sports injury (Fantasy Football has been rough on me this season). There was just enough time to get him ready and go.  I realized the last few times I had taken Andy without his big brother, he enjoys the freedom too much.  Andy’s fine competing with other kids but not his brother.  


In my condition, I chose to stay home and looked up to find that they have online story time. Andy is infatuated with the laptop anyway, so I put it up so he could see Polar Express and have it read to him. It had still pictures and was word for word read to him through the site. I must admit I feared for my laptop.

It's always cooler by the lake


Please read me a story Grandpa


This was a perfect alternative to him zoning out in front of the TV.  It’s a great way to learn listening. With still pictures/words and audio, it really kept his attention. Next, I will show to his older brother as listening is one of his biggest challenges these days. To wind both of them down at the end of the day, my wife or I will read them a book or three and there’s no replacement for that. 

Quality time with Grandma and Grandpa

Since our Christmas decorations are out, we brought out a book that the kids are amazed by.  It’s  The Very First Christmas.   This is a Hallmark recordable story book, which has the story read to them by Grandma and Grandpa.  Although they are far away in Wisconsin, the boys get to hear them read a story every day since we brought it out. 

I do however; think I stumbled on something in the online story time that will be really beneficial for both. My kids are learning to listen and I understand that could easily be an 18+ year journey to perfect. AJ will try to read along.  It’s amazing how quickly he is picking up reading and is so interested in it. Now we just need Andy to follow suit. AJ sings to Andy, is starting to read to him so now we’re just waiting for him or Andy to get his license to chauffeur the rest of us around!


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