A Day In The Life

Our journey into 2012 has taken off with a bang.  I have not written anything since a behind the scenes look at my year in statistics.  With an attempt to be witty about it, I’m sure I may have lost any readers that I may have had or at least convinced some to give up their New Year’s Resolution to read more.  I always feel like I have an abundance of material to write about given that I am in (even at a year and a half) a new role for me. 

My wife and I got news this week that we may meet baby #3 even sooner than expected.  While we thought the Chuck E. Cheese Birthday alerts would come on February 6th, it’s been changed to January 25th.  The sooner we get those 20 free tokens the better, I guess.  So, we are needless to say very anxious to meet our new bundle of headaches.  Too soon? Maybe so, I’ll save that title for the little monster growling at me now an hour passed his bedtime. 

Poor Andy, at 21 months old, he is a man without a country, a boy without a bedroom anyway.  Since we’ve found out the baby will be here that soon, everything is kicked into high gear.  This includes the merger of Andy into AJ’s bedroom.  At almost 4 years old, AJ does not have it that easy either.  Although I’ve introduced the move as a favor to AJ he is getting yelled at almost as much as Andy.  The first night went fairly well.  I went to the bar and my wife handled it.  Simple for me, but now I’m feeling guilty as I got very lucky.  Neither kid napped that day, so they went out easily for my wife.  The next day, after picking them up from school, fed them lunch and attempted their first nap in the same room.  It went how you think it would and probably should go.  No sleep and lots of fun and disobedience on their side.  No sleep, tired, aggravated and yelling on mine. 

Go To Bed or Timeout? Timeout.

I may not have addressed this correctly.  Honestly, I didn’t do the research required for instituting a transition like this.  So if there are any tips, please share.  Right now, is day #3.  I got lucky today as Andy fell asleep in the car, so I was able to carry him right to his bed and AJ and I had a nice lunch together.  AJ then napped after lunch and I fed Andy after his nap.  I think if I could figure out how to stagger bedtime for them at night I might be onto something. 






Right now it’s very quiet.  The giggling has subsided, and I had to check where Andy was.  He had crawled into a spot at the end of the couch and fell asleep next to his Mama.  AJ is asleep in his bed, and Daddy can breathe as this is what people are talking about when they say “Their beautiful children.”  Now I just have to carry him into his bed without waking him up.  I’ll wait ‘til I do so, then I will breathe. 

My days are becoming more and more hectic.  Today took the cake.  Other than moving out of state with 2 kids, this one was quite exhausting.  It started that I took AJ to school.  I won’t take credit for getting them ready as my wife is the [involuntary] morning person.  Plus she’d hit me. Then I took Andy to the Doctor.  He’s finally healthy.  We dodged having to have tubes in his ears, thank goodness, as he’s been on antibiotics since October.  He was given a clean bill of health which is great given the state of our household.  I too am on antibiotics, so we have been hacking up different colors together for a while.  A real father/son bonding experience.  My health is on the back burner for now so long as we can keep the rest of the house well.  I’m fine with that as I can’t believe what my wife is going through for our family.  That’s potentially another post.  Nothing graphic, I’m not bringing a camcorder into the delivery room, I only mean that I feel bad for her having to go through all this and all I can do is write about it. 

While I can’t say that the Man of Steel stole my name, I can say that my wife is Wonder Woman.  Actually, that’s pretty close, if she could, she would whip me with her golden lasso and make me tell the truth.  Kidding aside, my day was hectic, but to complete her job the way she does and come home to us 3 is astounding. 

Anyway, after the Doctor’s appointment, Andy and I went and purchased a bassinet for our new addition.  It came with pink padding, but I don’t know if that’s a sign of gender or not.  It’s probably just pink padding. 

Since we’ve turned our kids’ lives upside down by moving AJ from the bottom to the top bunk, I have been looking at bed tents, since he likes his makeshift fort so much.  For now it’s just a comforter draped over the bottom bunk, but I want it to be appealing to move to the top bunk.  Bed tents for kids are really expensive and very small.  So I purchased PVC pipe to make my own.  Now it’s a makeshift fort supported with PVC pipe, a comforter and more cubic footage. 

We then went home to drop off the fort materials and the bassinet.  Then back to get AJ from school.  We are slowly getting cabinets cleaned out and storing more and more in the garage.  Little by little, we are getting prepared only to find we are unprepared.  Oh $#&%!! We need a new car seat!

Between making naps work, lunch, doctor’s appointment, bassinet and continuing never-ending housework; reorganizing, constructing a bed fort, I still had time to make dinner, take the kids to go meet Craig (of Craigslist) to pick up a new train table for the boys, take them home, bathe them, feed us all and clean up.  I might have argued the last one with the wife, but if I didn’t clean up after dinner, then I just felt this story may be missing something. 

I am a thankful man.  To my family for obvious reasons and to you for reading.  If I didn’t take the time to write about this, I might forget tomorrow what made today special.  This is no Chuck Lorre note of sitcom wisdom, but rather that of a Dad excited, anxious, nervous and  bewildered about our third and final addition to the family.  Actually, this post is just an excuse to share this picture, it was too good for
Facebook.  It’s fitting as Andy is not talking much, AJ is not listening much and their friend represents the new baby not yet seen.

No Evil

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