It’s a Great Time to be a Kid!

Although this world has more than a few issues, it’s a great time to be a kid. Right now while we are awaiting the birth of our new baby, we know we cannot forget about the 2 boys that are going to feel displaced and confused when Happy and Healthy shows up.

We are borderline frantic in preparation and I’m sure the kids feel the tension. While Mommy feels that it’s of utmost importance for the baby to be happy and healthy; the sooner the arrival, the better. Daddy feels the same however, my workload is about to increase by a third with no pay increase.  It makes me feel like I’m back working for Allstate. It was explained to me once that while working for “the man” that management, while they know the world is round, has to convince their employees that the world is flat. While I know that I have nothing but surprises in store with a newborn, nobody’s attempting to disprove the theory of gravity.  Exit soap box.

Even though it is likely that this new baby will come two weeks earlier than the anticipated due date, this will mean that our kids birthdays will be January, February and March.  Mama’s is April and mine is July. So, it looks like the beginning of the year will be a lot of fun prepping birthday festivities.  Maybe consider investing in that Chuck E. Cheese stock?

In my research, I found that there are several sites dedicated to birthdays.  I was surprised when I discovered this link as it had some very cool gifts, for those that have everything.  This is categorized by adults and kids alike.  There are some gifts that seem all very different.|30_day_sales&t0=Occasions&t1=Birthday+Gifts&u1=t0

Next, I found there are several birthday clubs that you can join which each offer cards to be sent to your little ones on their birthdays, free cupcakes, gifts sent and sometimes balloons.  These sites vary.  While I know the book stores do it, I believe that most grocery stores have something to offer.  A good place to start is visiting your grocery store’s website to see what they have to offer.  They have a lot more to offer for your kids than just a free day-old cookie. 

We all like to get something free and I found a great site that did my work for me.  See which from what I found was primarily restaurants.  We can always go to Denny’s on our birthday for a free meal.  If you’re looking for something better, check out the link above and plan your [kid’s] special day accordingly.  You can also get the 20 free tokens offered at Chuck E. Cheese on the big day although I have not bit the bullet yet to spring for just another Chuckin’ birthday party.  As a parent of toddlers, we are likely to spend many afternoons at such a Cheesy celebration.

Finally, the reason I did the research and shared my long-winded stories with you is because I found something very unique.  Now it’s hard to call anything Disney unique, but this is something that my kids will love.  After signing up both kids and confirming their birthdays via e-mail, I received a response from On the boys’ birthdays, I scheduled a phone call and video message (by e-mail) personalized by Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I’m assuming only Jake will talk to them, but neither Jake nor his Pirates were available for comment. You can choose both a call and video, one or the other, by Jake, Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse.  While Disney gets the credit for being Disney, we’ve remembered and given our kids something special and unique on their birthdays for free.  OR….. you could always get them a new puppy!

Pick me! Pick me!

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One Response to It’s a Great Time to be a Kid!

  1. ncdads says:

    I Wanted to add also that today I have signed my boys up for Geoffrey’s (the giraffe) Birthday club, They offer a phone call on the big day from Geoffrey and special offers for parents and birthday ideas. says they will give a personalized card and a gift. I will add the information when my kids get their gift. Again, another site that has free offers on kids’ birthdays.

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