The Final Countdown

Look Mom, no room!

We are down to only 1 day until baby #3 meets us.  I picked up the in-laws today.  The boys are very excited to have Grandma and Grandpa here.  So excited in fact that AJ is taking them and Mom with him to school for show and tell today.  Let’s try that again in high school and see how that works out.  

While we discuss the arrival of our new addition, AJ and Andy don’t know what to expect.  When we tell AJ that another baby will be here just like his brother, he tells us that we are having a girl.  I don’t often quote statistics as I don’t know if it’s accurate but we were told by a doctor that we were part of 2% of people that didn’t want to know the sex of the baby before birth.  It sounds to me to be too low of a percentage but it’s a good quote if it’s true.  On an unrelated note, I’ve heard also that there is a KFC opened globally every 11 seconds.  I took it to the Googles  and cannot confirm and hope that I heard wrong.  I’ll leave the stats to the statisticians.

Seriously, there's no room, Dad!

Now with baby #3 coming soon it seems kind of silly as we have so much going on with our first two.  However, the suspense is killing me.  I don’t know if it was so much with my two boys but right now, I think, why don’t we find out? How much green, yellow and brown clothing does this kid need?  Are those neutral colors or are they just the colors that all babies will bless us with boy or girl?  In all honesty, I think that having a boy will be easier because I have 2 boys.  A girl would be great and I remember thinking both boys at one point or another were girls prior to their birth.  Statistically speaking, we are likely to have a boy, but statistics are not definite, much like the ratio of leprechauns to unicorns.  We have just come up with a boy’s name but have had a girl’s name picked out since our oldest. 

Picking out baby names becomes very mundane.  Meaning only that when discussing with the future Baby Mama or future Baby Daddy, you will start spewing out names that you don’t even endorse.  Example:  “Honey, what do you think of Glenn Bernard?”  Knowing damn well you wouldn’t name your kid Glenn Bernard, but you ask anyway.  Pretty soon you are just driving down the street and see a speed limit sign and a children crosswalk sign.  “I’ve got it, Speedlimit Crossing!”  Might as well go with “The Infant Formerly Known as Speedlimit.”  All kidding aside, we’ve had many laughs at our kids’ expense trying to fit the perfect name of someone not yet met. 

You're bringing another what home?

We haven’t decided yet on a boy’s name and if you have any suggestions, please share.  Both my Mother and my Wife’s Mother have the same name, first and middle.  We definitely love that of our Moms and feel that is just another way the moon and stars aligned in our favor giving us a perfect girl’s name.  Or it’s just a coincidence and helps us in naming a girl.  I prefer to believe the former.

I will post if it’s a boy or girl as soon as I know.  Or as soon as I remember that I have a medium to share other than phone, text, Facebook or telegraph.  Pictures will be available tomorrow on microfiche.  Microfiche? Yea, I went there, it’s as relevant as telegraph or even potato turbate.  It’s only up for discussion as I am thinking about AJ taking his grandparents to school. (If you didn’t go to school in the 80’s forget it and move on) While I can’t believe all that I’ve done to prep the house for baby #3, I can’t possibly imagine what Mama is going through.  I’ve written about this maybe a little too much for my reader. However, in the home stretch with only a day left before the arrival, I have to give thanks to Mama.  My reorganization of the hall closet is not an accomplishment in comparison. 

Grandma says it will be okay Andy

While it’s impossible to know what the future holds, we are very nervous and excited.  Today Mama had an amniocentesis to check to see if the baby’s lungs are developed enough to deliver early.  We trust that the results confirmed that the lungs and general development of the baby are on track for an early delivery.  Baby will be here 2 weeks early and we are just hoping for happy and healthy and not to lose our minds since we are changing our coaching “Strategery” from man to man to a zone defense. 

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One Response to The Final Countdown

  1. Aunt Heather says:

    AJ is taking Grandpa to show and tell!? Will Grandpa be sharing his deep knowledge of which Milwaukee-based grocery store has the best price on butter?
    Love you all! So excited for the new littlest of woods. ❤

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