If I Could Hold You Tonight

I’ve been told to take last night off of writing and I did. I got some much needed sleep and so did Mommy. I can’t vouch for Grandma Flutter and Grampa Bay. Yes, when AJ learned Grandpa’s name and our cheers for the Bucs, this is the name he now wears proudly, even though he may prefer Greenpa Bay. Grandma Flutter comes from her favorite song, from The Bear In The Big Blue House.  Look it up for your kids if they’re toddlers, they’ll love it.  Far less creepy than Barney. Anyway, they are home with Jamie’s big brothers. I will go relieve them today so they can come to see their newest Grandson and of course, their daughter. Grandma was here yesterday while Grandpa facilitated 3 naps. Or 2 naps and the Golf Channel. To me that translates to 3 naps.

While it was emotionally draining for us initially, when I brought Grandma back yesterday to see us all, I thought it may be difficult for her to see Jamie with the tubes and wires.  She looked passed all that and pointed out that he looks so much like AJ.  Says he looks so much like his brothers and don’t tell them, but he is the most beautiful baby she’s ever seen.  She was looking at his nose, ears, face and even found a dimple in his cheeks.  Grandma says he’s such good size and has beautiful color.  Grandma says she’s so excited and much like us she can’t wait to hold him.  Grandma says these shoes will take me anywhere!  Oops, wrong story. 

AJ's and Andy's words....Grandma's handwriting


So, I want to give some pictures and dedicate these songs in our hearts for our little man. This was what was playing in our car on the way to delivery before we met Baby Jamie! Things look positive but we’re not out of the woods yet. Mama was able to walk all the way from her room to the NICU to see him.  Baby steps. 


He is looking good and has these cool little sunglasses to protect his eyes while he undergoes light therapy (maybe not the technical term). Not sure how long that goes on, so I do not know if he in fact will, wear sunglasses at night.

When I went home to see the boys today, naps were not as successful as Grandpa’s golf.  AJ brought me a book of 365 crafts and wanted to make flowers for Mom.  I looked up flowers and while he could make the flowers we looked up, I didn’t have the materials (or mental capacity or patience) to make them.  So AJ began coloring on paper plates and helped me to do the best damn flowers I’ve ever seen.  OK, I wanted to make them for their Mama too but he colored them!  I was happy to see the boys but they were used to manipulating their grandparents and bouncing off the walls.  This is the reason I could not get a good picture of them together holding the flowers. 

I mentioned it on Facebook (which this week, I’m a fan of) that we have amazing family and friends.  I wanted to mention here as well for my Facebook phobia family and friends.   I was actually hesitant about mentioning anything other than his birth announcement, but I have several friends that have gone through similar situations.  All who now have healthy children.  Probably misbehaving like mine, but loved no matter what. 

I’m back now at the hospital and we just found out the ventilator tube has been removed and breathing completely on his own.  So I’m taking my wife and going down to see him, with well wishes, positive thoughts and vibes, and more of AJ’s art!

Mama & Baby

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