Waiting For the Son

Every day, our little man is getting better.  We still don’t have a discharge date for sure but we are hoping soon.  Today we are filled with mixed emotions as my wife was released from the hospital but we had to leave him there in the NICU.  Since insurance no longer pays for us to stay with our newborn son, the hospital has a courtesy room for parents but we have been told our chances are slim as we live in town and there are many other kids that are worse off than our Jamie. We know that’s the case.  It’s very scary to think of how necessary the NICU is and how fortunate we are to have them.  We are still surprised at how long it is taking to get him home to our home sweet home.  To be here without him, we feel kind of incomplete but we know this is the best for his health. 

To be cliché, he is our little miracle.   We have realized that we now have 3 kids in

Just a little patience

less than 4 years.  I would think that at this point my goal would to be to get our newly middle child, Andy out of diapers to avoid having 2 kids hooked on the Pampers.  However, diapers or not, again, we just want to have Jamie home with us as he completes our little family. 


Today, I remembered to bring home one of his blankets from the hospital so that our dog Lotti, can get used to his scent.  She likely would have preferred us to stop procreation 3 kids ago.  Sorry Lotti, every dog should have a boy (or 3). 

When we decided on having children, we knew that we should do it quickly as at 36 years old, we have officially entered our late thirties.  I know my statistics are never right but they are close.  I have to say that as I’m not willing to research this for you.  Sorry.  Again, not knowing if this is correct, I recall a doctor telling us that only 2% of couples choose to wait to find out the sex of their child until birth.  We know we are the minority in that regard, but we are happy with the results despite digging out the green and yellow neutral –colored clothes. 

When AJ our oldest was born, we both had a feeling that he may have been a girl, however, he is without question, all boy.  We had names picked out for both.  Since then, with our last two, if we were to have a girl, we had been ready with a name: Diane Amaya.  I may have written about this before but we found it more than coincidental as both our mothers are named Diane Margaret.  Diane to honor both mothers and Amaya was just a name we liked. 

little devil

But again, since we are out of the baby-making business, I wanted a way to honor my late mother.  So Jamie, is a name as I recall that when I was a kid, my Mom told me that was almost my name.  We actually chose Jamie only a week before he was born.  The nurse after delivery, asked his name and I said it without hesitation yet wondered if my wife was 100% in agreement.  Whew, she was.  My father may remember things differently as he would always call me CHRI….KA….KE.  These were the first parts of my and my sibling’s names.  I’m sure that will happen to me as well when trying to remember which kid I’m yelling at.  We all have children and all their names are unintentionally connected.  My only niece (and God-Daughter) has Diane as her middle name and the 3 boys between my sister’s and brother’s families each have the same middle name as my 3 boys.  No, not Larry, Daryl or Daryl. 

I must say, I have a new-found respect for my sister who works in the NICU at another children’s hospital and has been a great help in coaching me, guiding my expectations and answering my questions when I forgot to ask them at the hospital.  It’s a tough job that I don’t think I could handle.   Also, I cannot convey enough love and appreciation for Grandma Diane, my wife’s mother and of course Grampa Bay.  They have done more here in a week than I normally get done in 3, staying with us and succumbing to the demands of Jamie’s older brothers.  We thank you both!

It’s been fun and a little distracting for me, searching for music to share that’s meaningful to us.  Today I looked for a song titled Waiting.  I enjoyed the movie of the same title immensely and I also love Jim Morrison’s version in “Waiting for the Sun.”  While that may be appropriate as we wait for our son, I looked up the lyrics to this, “Waiting is the hardest part” by Tom Petty, “I’ve Been Waiting” by Matthew Sweet, “In the Air” by Genesis.  You may recall that as one of Mike Tyson’s favorites.  Each song was intertwined with love and patience as the common theme, but none of these expressed our love as we wait for our little man.  Much like it would be inappropriate to sing a father-daughter duo of “Afternoon Delight.”  (Thanks to the beloved sitcom Arrested Development for that one).  At any rate, these are great songs and I suggest looking them all up for a great listen of something not likely on your Ipod.

I have shared many pictures on Facebook; I need to share more here as well.  Give your eyes a rest and look at this beautiful boy who may not know it but is anxious to meet his brothers just as they are to meet him. 

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One Response to Waiting For the Son

  1. Mandy says:

    One of the hardest things I have EVER had to do is turn around and walk out of that hospital and leave my baby girl there…I know I will never forget the emotions that coursed through me that day, and the days and weeks that followed. I would be there every morning by 8 and not leave until almost dinner time. I cried every night on the 45 minute drive home. I felt so torn, knowing I was needed at home for my other 3 babies, but also needing to be there for my miracle baby. He’ll be home soon, tucked safe and sound in your arms…keep the Faith! Still praying for your little fighter!

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