Don’t Call Me Daughter

You may or may not wish to click the link below, I promise, it has nothing to do with circumcision (as my last post did).  It has gotten quite a bit of attention given this man’s reaction to his daughter’s Facebook post about what crappy parents they are (her foul-mouthed opinion).  I understand his plight and I understand the daughter’s.  Was this man so concerned to look like a badass that he had to humiliate her?  Why was it so important to him to address his issues at home with the world?  Be the adult and ground your kid, take away things like the laptop, the phone, the car etc.  He clearly does not remember what it was like to be a kid except for having his ego bruised.  I can’t imagine being a kid in this world today, trying to figure out life, people, parents , friends, social-networking.  No doubt, the girl made a mistake and is already spoiled.  Many people agree with what he is doing and it is only my opinion that he’s an ego-maniac.  Please form your own.  This had to be shared as I had several friends from across the states post this yesterday.  Check it out if you haven’t already………


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2 Responses to Don’t Call Me Daughter

  1. Jennifer Vidal says:

    Wow, that’s scary.

    • ncdads says:

      Thanks for the reply. I had a friend post the link on Facebook after I had written my commentary. Her comment on it, was, “I’m sorry Mom.” However she may have treated her Mom as a teen, Mom handled it in house and was not outspoken in any way to insult or demean her child. Punishments are inevitable as a teen but they should not damage the character, reputation or future OR the parent-child relationship. Again, my opinion. Thank you!

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