Jamie’s Journey

This was written when the little guy was 8 days old but with the continuing ensuing chaos, please understand that he’s now home and thriving and our family is complete and awesome.  As always, thanks for reading.

And the winner is....

We are nearing the end of Jamie’s time in the NICU.  Adding: that I did not want to use terms such as final or even end, as I would not want anyone to get the wrong idea.  He is doing better day by day.  If I were to text you an update, those are the words I would use and would have to note also that he’s still there in the NICU. 

Jamie’s over a week old now and while I’ve been saying every day during that week, he likely only has a few days left here; this is the first time it rings true.  Not to say that it couldn’t be even longer.  Hospital staff is very careful not to state any likely release date.  We know that feeding needs to be established and jaundice levels need to subside.  He is no longer in the incubator; he’s in the standard issue clear plastic hospital bassinet.  Not sure if the term incubator is used any longer but that’s basically what it is, a clear box that regulates air and temperature to make the most comfortable environment for him as he starts his first days of life. 

Swaddle me, Swaddle me...

He’s been alive long enough for his belly button to fall off.  With my first two children seemed like forever for it to fall off. That was not so bad, as they went home with us immediately, never having had Jamie’s NICU experience. 

Tebowing for the safe homecoming of his little brother

Right now, my wife is allowed to stay at the hospital since a feeding schedule is to be established.  We both have been talking about feeling incomplete since Jamie is not home with us yet.  When we were first at the hospital after delivery it actually seemed like a break.  Certainly not for my wife given the invasive surgery she had just endured.  For me, definitely.  Even though I was sleeping on a cot in a very confined room, I was not dealing with my other two sons.  That was up to the Grandparents.  I’ve already noted how much help that was but without a newborn screaming in Mom’s recovery room, it was actually fairly peaceful.  We hadn’t had that much alone time together in a long time (give or take 9 months… or 3 years).  Like I said, it is totally different for my wife given how she must have felt postpartum. 

There were several things happening in our room at all hours of the night and for me, I did not notice the interruptions as they weren’t peppered with time-outs from screaming, growling, snarling, drooling kids.  That brings a tear to my eye as soon enough Jamie will become a screaming, growling, snarling, drooling kid.  I welcome it.  I have to. 

Snarling, really Dad?

My other half is most certainly my better half.  I picked her up from the hospital tonight to join us for dinner.  She realized that tonight was a show at AJ’s school by the puppet lady.  While I knew that, I figured dinner with Mom was enough for my kids given they miss being under her rule as they must have mixed feelings coming from Dad’s iron fist and Grandma’s giving, loving, chocolate covered hands.  She and Grandma are truly exceptional people as they both were just happy to see the kids run around with friends and enjoy the show.  My view was a bit obstructed.  I don’t feel I am a negative person but when I see my kids up and running while everyone else’s kids are listening to their parents and the puppet lady, it drives me nuts.  The puppet lady was even talking about listening and obedience.  It seemed like a dog behavior class set to sing along songs.  I am a dog lover but I know that we expect more from dogs than children.  They are always willing to please their owner, quite the opposite of our kids.  I write about them when they misbehave but sometimes that seems more entertaining than when they sit criss-cross applesauce with their hands folded.  Although they may be doing that to hide the misbehavior I have not yet found.  NCDogs.org is in the works when this venture is scrapped.  Why do I have kids again? I know…despite my complaints, they are the best greatest gifts I’ve ever received.  No offense, dog.

So, walking in to the NICU tonight, the first nurse that approached was very excited stating that tomorrow may be Jamie’s big day to go home.  That’s about right. Obviously it makes sense to ignore me and speak only to my wife as she is Mama, doing all that can be done for the little dude.  I am not totally discounted, soon enough when she is back to work, I will be home with Jamie and the pint-sized big brothers.  However, both of them are in school, in the Fall will both have Gymnastics and possibly Jujitsu, pee-wee soccer, cub-scout, little league, pop warner football, web design, app-inventor start-up company and Lego-architecture studies.

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2 Responses to Jamie’s Journey

  1. Diane Krisman says:

    What a beautiful story and spoken right from the heart! Jamie now completes your beautiful family and his journey will always represent to me how special he is and how blessed I am to have him as my Grandchild. He joins brothers AJ and Andy who are so anxious to welcome him in to your loving family and lucky all three of them are to have you.
    Grandma Flutter

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