Top 10 Differences in Parenting Baby #1 and Baby #3

Shakin' Andy for change

With all our kids, Mama was the same while pregnant. She would make sure that she ate the best and kept her health at the forefront to do whatever she could to protect them from the world while she could. While I make light of some of this now, we know we try our best and will ultimately do our best whether they see it that way or not. The big piece missing from this list is our poor Andy. He has a few honorable mentions but he’s the middle child. With that said, sorry kid, this top 10 list is for your brothers.

10. Baby #1: Every room in the house has a bottle of hand sanitizer in it. Now with Baby #3, every room covered in unsanitized hands and/or handprints.

9. Baby #1: When a visitor comes in, a new parent makes sure that they wash their hands before handling the new addition and doesn’t reek of smoke. Now with Baby #3 we make sure that Baby #1 has not set fire to any part of the house or siblings.

8. Baby #1: We kept visitors to a minimum and didn’t go to many public places such as restaurants or grocery stores to protect our little one from exposure to germs. Now with Baby #3, the siblings are allowed to go to school and expose the new baby to just as many, if not more germs than before. We have faith in your ability to

7. Baby #1: Bath time is cute, easy and fun for our all of us. Now with Baby #3, it’s tiring because we have to contend with bath resistance from his siblings and a trying time for all of us. Splish splash, no longer a song sung for baby bathing.

6. Baby #1: I couldn’t wait to get home from work to spend time with him. Now, I can’t wait to get a job to spend time away from babies 1, 2 and 3. You know as well as I do that is not true. Real jobs suck. I love what I do, as my customers are expected to need more education, real customers are just dumb-asses. 

5. Baby #1: The biggest danger in the house was anything concrete, glass, tile, wood, paper or plastic. Now the biggest threat to Baby #3 is Baby #’s 1 and 2.

4. Baby #1: Everything is brand new for baby #1. Now, for Baby #3, nothing is new and everything is handed down, twice. If interested, please contact me if you’d like a collection of newborn 4th generation bluish-greyish clothes that were once vibrant, soft and cute. They come with a free subscription to The Daily Worker.

3. Baby #1: Sets the bar. Baby #3 sometimes is set on a bar.  I miss the bar.  Screw the top 2, I’m going to the bar.

2. (We all knew that last one wasn’t going to happen)  Baby #1: We were scared to do anything wrong. Now with Baby # 3, we accept and expect to do things wrong.  Daily.

1. Baby #1: Wrote down date, time and type of feed, poop and sleep of newborn. We basically tracked health and anything and everything related to what’s-his-face. Now with Baby #3, we at least remember his name, celebrate the financial benefit of another boy and extend my search for the most awesome toys ever. Not everything has to be a hand-me-down.

Despite the differences, look at these pictures.  the first is AJ at 29 days old and the 2nd is Jamie, taken today.  Happy one-month baby boy!! Thanks AJ for paving the way.  Andy, keep enjoying the ride!

AJ and Jamie

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