Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

I am a glutton for punishment.  Today I had quite a bit of ambition.  My wife had a rough night with the baby.  Not rough but long.  She loves being able to do whatever she can for him.  It’s difficult for her to complain when she knows how important it is to take the best care of the kid. 

As I got up in the morning, it was in a rush to get boy #2 to school.  Once I dropped him off, I had to come back to pick up boy # 1 to take him to gymnastics. I decided to address some important paperwork while he burns off (not enough) energy.  Even without a traditional job, the paperwork is never done. 

Today, I was alone with all 3 kids.  Easy, (well maybe easier), when we are at home, I felt like I was in pursuit of a Guiness World Record.  I finished up (very little of) the unfinished paperwork and took boy #1 home to get boy # 3 before picking up boy # 2 from school.  Still with me?  Afterwards, I took the kids to the 2-year old park. It is well fenced in to contain my horizontal kids and keep a close eye on the car-seat pacifier bound kid. 

My fatal mistake was commenting to another Dad who was there with his son.  I said, “You got it easy.”  It was at that moment when I realized that I said something self-involved and kind of ignorant, especially since those were the only words I said.  I think I made that comment because I am still so new to having three kids that the situation still amazes me.  He politely commented after my remark that he had a third one on the way. It soon became  apparent that I was just feeling sorry for myself, especially as I was having a hell of a time getting my kids in the car as it started to rain. 

My Adidas!

So, I’ve bought these boys shoes within the past 3 months and they need to be replaced.  If only the kids would outgrow the shoes before they fall apart. This was the case for us. So shotty-made shoes made me realize the Target shoe department sucks.  While I know my kids play hard, I also know that the reduced price and the red tag is just to allure us to buy crap.  Well done Target.  While I normally appreciate the deals, I shall curse your shoe department along with the Dollar Spot. 

So rather than debating the crappy consumer plastic products that come from China, I decided to check out Kohl’s to look for brand name shoes.  Crap.  Skechers and Adidas both made in China too. 

My day of chaos continues  when I challenge myself to balance two kids on foot trying on everything that resembles a shoe….in the shoe department (fortunately not the bear trap department).  The baby cried in his stroller, but was completely angelic as crying does not involve running after anyone in a panic through a department store..  The other 2 can cry, run away, and play supermarket sweep with the knee-high shelves minus the shopping cart for the items to fall into.  When they found empty shelves and decided to treat them as bunk beds, it was a decent minute and a half break while I frantically looked for shoes that fit them.  Fortunately, I hadn’t thought that the top shoe shelf could fall under the weight of a kid with worn-out shoes.

Once I sized them, it took forever to find just the right shoe.  I was happy to find something that has the potential of lasting a little longer than their last pairs.  The sizing charts by the way took another minute and a half while the kids played “Dance, Dance Revolution” in front of the angled mirror minus the music. 

As difficult as it was to meander through the shoe department, we made out with some cool new shoes.  As promised, I had to move forward to the toy department.  One problem with living here in Greenville, NC is that there is not much to do for toddler age kids on a rainy day.  Everywhere we go will require some spending.  While the shoes were a required expense, the dual remote control cars for them were not.  I didn’t see until after we got home that the box said ages 6 and up.  Sorry guys, guess they’re both for me. 

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