A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Wipes

How can I get my kids to sit so still??

I am always looking for ways to pass the time for my kids.  One thing they love to do, as any kid would, is paint.  It’s a difficult activity to accomplish when you have walls, floors or clothing.  That, coupled with my OCD tendencies proves to be very difficult.  But, I have to bite the bullet and just let them go at it.  At 2 and 4 years old finger-painting is synonymous with painting.  If I give Andy a paintbrush, he will easily confuse it with toothbrush, hairbrush, dad-brush or brother-brush.  AJ loves to join in and paint whatever (or whoever) Andy is painting. 

I barely remember painting as a kid.  Those memories have been replaced with nightmares of painting my rental properties and no longer have a fun connotation to them.  However, those memories are to be replaced with new ones so long as I can cope with the mess.  I took these pictures knowing it was going to make my skin crawl but I was eager to chronicle their hijinks.     Every day there is going to be something that’s going to drive me nuts and I, for the most part have come to terms with that. 

I have too many worries to let a little mess get to me. While I do overreact in some situations my wife reminds me that we have 3 kids and we have to expect messes on a daily basis.  AJ actually calls me out on it as I have witnessed and yelled at them when milk is spilled.  On some days I react calm and collected, some days not.  Either way, AJ quotes me saying “No use crying over spilled milk, Dad.”  He’s right.  I just don’t have to always like it.  So as we get closer to warm weather, I try to prepare myself.  The painting was on a rainy day and it proves to be fun for the boys and the older they get, the longer they wait to become fully, mentally and physically immersed in paint.  But both of them do eventually get paint in their hair and somehow in their belly buttons. 

One thing I’ll never get used to is sand.  We have a sandbox and when my boys play in the playground after school, I can’t keep them out of the big sandbox with their schoolmates who like to throw sand.  Okay, my sons are the instigators who throw sand.  Today after the park, a shoe was emptied on the kitchen floor which had more sand in it than a clown car has clowns.  If there’s ever a reason not to let your kids sleep in your bed, it’s sand. 

The other pictures that I’ve added are from 2 of 4 Easter egg hunts that my boys attended.   Easter is the new Halloween.  Reimage Church in Greenville actually had a Hot air balloon go up and drop eggs into a field.  It was a great idea and I was anxious to see it executed except for the first lift off did not agree with the winds.  I was glad we made the decision not to see it as the crowd was huge, must have been in excess of 3,000 egg hungry hunters.   

My boys obviously have extensive experience in brush strokes and hue saturation so it’s pretty clear; they have potential in careers as volunteer face painters.  Fingers are crossed.   

So please enjoy these pictures of my boys, painting, playing, dancing, Easter-egg hunting and of course of baby Jamie taking it all in from the sidelines.

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2 Responses to A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Wipes

  1. Theresa says:

    Cute pictures! I love the slide show. The Easter egg hunts look like they were fun.

  2. Sleeping Mom says:

    Oh man I totally feel you with painting and not wanting a mess. For the longest time I didn’t even want my toddler to feed himself because of the ensuing mess. For painting, I’ve set him up with an easel in our kitchen nook that is on tile floor, so no carpet need be harmed in the activity. I also bought him a smock so that he doesn’t mess up his clothes but of course he always gets dabs of paint on himself a little bit. I also time the painting towards the end of the day near bath time so that if he is a mess, we can take a bath right after.

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