Top 10 Reasons I Have The Best Job In The World

10.  When Andy puts on his backpack full of cars, for balance, he walks around with his arms straight out like he’s riding a motorcycle.

9.  It gives me a reason to shave as they all give great hugs but they don’t like a fuzzy face when it’s time to give out hugs and kisses.


8.  Tucking AJ in for nap today, I told him that I used to sleep on the top bunk like him and I shared the bunk beds with Uncle Chris just like he shares with his brother. He responded by saying,” I love Uncle Chris.”  I’ll spare him the details of why I hated sharing the bunk beds with Uncle Chris.

7.  No micromanaging.  By managing small people I’m no longer being managed by small-minded people.

6.  Jamie now recognizes me.  When he looks at me, he smiles and his hairline moves back in slow-motion.  It’s hard to describe but it’s freakin’ adorable. 

5.  I’m able to read books and share movies with them that I loved as a kid.  They take me to movies that I want to see but wouldn’t feel right going to see Madagascar 3 if I didn’t have the boys with me.   Thanks guys for making me not creepy.

4.  Sometimes they nap so well that I’m able to take the time to write a top ten list and enjoy peace and quiet until they get up.  These events are rarely in unison, but when it occurs it’s like hitting the lottery!

3.  A few weeks ago, I took AJ to the park.  There he met a girl who was quite a bit older than him, maybe 11 years old.  They played on the swing set and got along famously.  As she left with her father, I asked him if he got her name.  He screamed to ask her.  Ashaya.  Then before she got in the car with her dad, AJ yells to her “hey Ashaya, what’s your phone number?”  He’s gonna need that confidence in about 10 years or so. 

2.  I’ve said this before and it still holds true.  It’s a quote from my wife and it is awesome.  “This is the only job in the world where your employees will love you!”

1.  When Andy or AJ hits his head or “bonk his beaner” they ask for a kiss to make it better and it actually works!  Amazing.

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2 Responses to Top 10 Reasons I Have The Best Job In The World

  1. fj krisman says:

    Better than Letterman’s Fr. GBay

  2. Nina says:

    Ha! Love his pick up moves. It’s so true though about your employees (or as I like to say, my employer) loving you! It’s so difficult but the rewards are insanely so much better. And wow, three kids down for the same nap? You’re doing something right!

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