Picture Pages

I haven’t had anything creative, funny or substantive to say in a while, but I have taken some great pictures of my kids (my opinion) and wanted to share.

The Summer has flown by.  Our Jamie is now 7 months old and on the verge of crawling.  His brothers love him and if Jamie was aware of it, he’d be upset at how often his personal space is being invaded.  The boys have played racquet ball, been swimming, made pizzas, gone fishing and been to several parks.  They have travelled to Florida and New York and are always ready to travel so long as the DVD player in the mini-van holds up.  They are anxious for football season whether they know it or not and most importantly, school starts back up next week, which we are all looking forward to.

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One Response to Picture Pages

  1. Grandma Anne says:

    GREAT photos of beautiful and wonderful Littlewood boys! They are all soooo cute. Thanks for taking and sharing such great photos, Ken! Can’t wait to see you all September 14th!!

    love, Grandma Anne

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