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Jamie's first ice cream cone

Jamie’s first ice cream cone

No, I don’t even have a desk, I have a lap and a laptop, but I read an inspiring post that makes life easier and thought I’d include my own tips.

Bath Time

Bath time with three kids is hard.  Lots of water and splashing.  If you wing it, the floor and rugs are definitely wet for the rest of the night.  This is the making of wet sock.  I hate wet sock.  I find that it’s easier to use towels that will need washed soon anyway on the floor and their dirty clothes that will leave your bathroom floor [almost] dry afterwards.  This is a great way to reduce yelling.  It’s also a good idea to leave all electronics out of the bathroom, no phone, no coffee maker, no pager, no TV as your hands are full.  That and the fact that I’ve accepted that I will unwillingly get a shower while trying.

Meal Times162

With kid #3, we’ve given up on bibs.  We know that may very well be the 2nd or 3rd outfit to be put in the wash anyway that day, so it’s literally a wash.  That and since we have 3 boys, the likelihood of it being a hand-me-down of a hand-me down is pretty high, so if it stains or stains again, we will manage.

Also, a great assistance in dinner time is a garbage disposal.  Ours is named Lotti.  It’s actually worked out well for us that when the oldest 2 go to Lunch Club at school 3 days a week, Jamie does Lotti’s job for her.  He’s happy to do so and eat their leftovers on the way home from picking them up from lunch. I wouldn’t touch the mangled remains of their lunch but Jamie is happy to partake.

121Crockpot meals are so easy and so many different ways to prepare things that kids love.  I often go to for ideas.  I am however lucky in my role that my wife loves to cook too.  This explains why there is always cake, cupcakes, ice cream cake, and cookies.  I should really think about getting a desk.  This allows me never to have to watch those annoying cooking shows, versions of “The Real World” shows that everyone loves for some reason.



Everything Else


Most importantly for us as I’ve mentioned several times Playdate and baby sitters are so important to maintain our sanity.  Also important is beer, wine and bedtime.

My wife has recently had a role change in her career which is going great for her and our 011family.  We are both overworked and still trying to keep our heads above water.  We’re told that these are the hardest years.  So far we are 3 years into the terrible 2’s and we see no end in sight.  I write that now as Andy is testing us at 10:30 pm, refusing to go to bed after having a bad day at school and put to bed over 2 hours ago.

I keep baby wipes in every room in the house, especially in the bathroom.  While it’s hard to clean the sink every day completely and avoid the smell of bleach in the bathroom, the baby wipes come in handy.  While my 2 oldest are trying to figure out how to get the toothpaste on the toothbrush, I get aggravated when I see the sink after.  This is another pet peeve that I have to get over, like wet sock, spaghetti sock and rice sock, yuck.  The dentist was a horrifying ordeal for AJ, so we’re staying on top of getting them used to brushing every day.  Believe me, I am looking forward to the day we no longer need baby wipes.   The most important wipes are in the baby’s room, they often fall onto the floor and to pull them out it’s not weighed down enough, so I make sure they are in the same drawer each time opened partially so I can use them one by one as opposed to messing with the whole container of wipes and creating more waste.  That also allows a free hand to keep Jamie from jumping off the changing table. 674

Click the link below and see how useful some of these things can be.  Likely more useful than my tips as my eye is twitching trying to figure out Andy’s behavior as I’m writing.



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