Like Mother…..Like Daughter

238One day last week, I woke up and found that my wife had already dressed the boys to get them ready for school.  When I went in their room, I noticed that the clothes were on the floor that I laid out for them the night before.  I said to my wife, “Did you not see the clothes that I put out for them?”  Shortly after I made another comment to her that I can’t remember what I said.  I know it was not the nicest morning greeting to her.  Realizing that, I went to her and said, “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to start the morning like that….good morning.”  It’s so important to notice these things.  We all have our days when we are not 100%.  I’m so glad I noticed as if I didn’t, she would still be going about her day doing things to keep our household running.  Rather than being snide or rude, I should have seen right away that she was doing things that I could have been doing to help out to get her to work on time and the kids to school on time.  My point is this, make sure you know when people are doing something for you and give credit where credit is due.

1374036_482642428510245_301549640_nOften I’ve written of how good my wife is to me, to our boys and beyond.  I’ve also talked about how great her parents are to us, yes the in-laws.  Well today, my Mother-in-law is walking in the Walk to Defeat ALS in her hometown of Milwaukee.  This is a yearly walk that is done around the country to raise money and awareness of this horrible disease.  My mother-in-law has no connection to the disease other than my family as in 1989, My Mom died from Lou Gehrig’s Disease (AKA ALS).  This was long before I met my wife.  I mention this as how wonderful that my wife’s Mom took it upon herself to get involved.  It wasn’t until 8 years ago that my family had found out about this important walk in Florida….by my wife.  We have participated in this walk almost every year since, with the exception of when having a few kids that prevented us from walking.  Since we have moved to NC, we have found our local chapter that holds the walk and it’s become tradition for us to bring our kids on the walk so that they know how meaningful it is to get involved and do things for others.

My wife is arguably the most hard-working person in Greenville.  Today, she took the kids to church, taught my kids’ Sunday school class and worked a table for the Grand Families group, a ministry she’s started at our church that offers information and support for Grandparents that are raising children.  She is an expert in this field and even more so in the field of being a Mother.  With a Sunday morning being so busy, she gave me some time to write this.  It was either that or I could make the bed and clean lint from my belly button.  Just kidding, she made the bed too!

She really takes good care of her boys and everyone she meets.  Earlier this week, we went out to dinner, normal routine, we took the kids to Playdate and were going to go out to dinner.  On the way there, she noticed an old man standing out in the rain.  After we dropped the kids off, she asked me to circle back around to see if he was still standing there.  He was and I pulled up next to him on the side of the road and asked if he was okay, if he needed a lift somewhere.  He told me yes and we gave him a ride across to the other side of town to an assisted living facility.  His name is Russell, he told us at 6pm that he was out there waiting for a long time.  He got out at 10am, a friend had driven him to the Food Lion and when he called back for a ride home he was not able to get ahold of him.  This man spent some time drinking coffee and people-watching at McDonald’s and was starting to get nervous about getting home when we came along.  Russell was extremely thankful and it really made me feel good to be able to help.  I never would have noticed him and I believe that not many people would, but that is the trait that sets my wife apart from most.  It’s the same trait that she shares with her Mom that helps me to be a better Dad, Husband and Human Being.

178 (2)Much like her Mother, my Wife is committed to selfless acts, they are a great team.  Even though they are miles apart, they are in contact most days and somehow manage to fill that time with conversation about life, progress reports on the kids, weather and the Packers.  I talked to Grandma Flutter (my mother-in-law) yesterday and I was speechless that she took it upon herself to participate in the Walk.  She recruited her Husband (Grampa Bay) and her other children and friends to walk.  She raised money and had a really good time helping.  It’s indescribable to say the least to see someone that would do something like that.  She told me some things about my Mom as if they had met even though they hadn’t, from stories I’ve told her and stories she’s heard from my family.  Thank you Grandma Flutter.

Today marks our 7th Anniversary.  Although it’s corny to say that someone is a soul-mate, my wife totally is mine. She is also my best friend, although her Mom is tough competition!

“True love is the soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another.”  Happy Anniversary!!

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2 Responses to Like Mother…..Like Daughter

  1. Whitney says:

    That just made me tear up! Happy Anniversary. You guys are truly a special couple!!
    Any chance of a recreation of your wedding in the Keys for your 10th?

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