Christmas Countdown

As my boys get older Christmas time gets more and more exciting. My wife and I are such kids at heart that I wonder if we make too big a deal about it. Their main concern is forthcoming presents but we’ve got to drive them a little crazy. Last night I sang the 12 Days of Christmas in full. They were done at 5 Golden Rings and I was just proud that I remembered all the words. Their poor little ears!

Tonight we are watching Frosty the Snowman with the kids. Who remembers the first thing Frosty says when his hat is put on and he comes to life?



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2 Responses to Christmas Countdown

  1. Chad says:

    Frosty say’s Merry Christmas! All prizes awarded for correctly answering the trivia contest may be sent to my address in CT, thank you.

    • ncdads says:

      Incorrect Zippy O’Smiley. Frosty’s first words when he comes to life…….”HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”
      I have been busy since Christmas, fact-checking to track down this answer.

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