The New Year’s Challenge

1. Every time you log into Facebook, send a positive message to the person at the top of your news feed.

This can be public or private.

Today marks 1 week until Christmas, 2 weeks until New Year’s.

Everyone has their own ideas about how a new year should change but let’s take the initiative to propel us positively into the next year.

If you’re like me, you might check Facebook or your social media of choice about once a day….maybe more.

I tend to a little more frequently because of the holidays, because I want to stay connected and know about my friends’ lives no matter how distant the relationship is.

Here are the benefits to the challenge:

– it’s easy. There’s really only one step.

– it costs nothing

– it’s not like you were working anyway

– it counts as your good deed for the day and keeps you off the “naughty list”

– you’re not contributing to the negativity that were already
bombarded with. (Seriously, who cares what Kim Jong Kardashian is doing to James Franco?)

– I promise, nothing bad will happen to you if you don’t repost this or forward to 100 people and that Nigerian Prince will go on living without your personal account numbers.

Hopefully you will find your own benefits to this, reconnect with friends and start 2015 off in a positives way.

Happy Holidays from NCDads


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